Yuki Kaizuka (界塚 ユキ Kaidzuka Yuki?) is one of the supporting characters that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. The elder sister of Inaho Kaizuka, she piloted a KG-7 Areion during the Second Earth-Mars War.

Personality & Character

Yuki is an easy-going and carefree woman, sometimes unsystematic, as she has to be cooked for and woken up by her younger brother. Although, she will get serious and determined when needed. She is also very caring and often worries over her brother where she even cried greatly for Inaho under the initial assumption he was going to die after he was shot on the left eye. Yuki puts the people's safety above her own. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

Yuki is a slender woman of pale skin and brown eyes. Her hair is black and straight, reaching down to her back. She wears her soldier's uniform, which consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, blue tie, and pencil skirt.


Little is known about her past, besides her parents who passed away when she was only a child and Inaho was only a baby. Raised at a government foster facility, she never had the courage to tell her brother that her parents died in the First Orbital War and acted as a sisterly figure. Unfortunately for her, she was unprepared to the life of being a parental figure when she had to move out of the foster home after what her brother did to some bullies and found it difficult to take care of him properly. Inaho was quick to learn and eventually became her caretaker.

She later became an instructor at the high school in Shinawara.


Inaho Kaizuka

Inaho is Yuki's brother. They live together in an apartment after her brother got her thrown out of the orphanage they lived in, and Inaho was soon quick to raise her. While her brother seems like a neat and organizing person, Yuki is a little lazy and carefree, although they get along well-enough in a home. She is also very caring towards Inaho, often worrying over him. Yuki later states that as Inaho's sister, she is one of the only people able to read his apparently unchanging expressions. She also made his signature bookmark and put it in his Sleipnir for him to find. It is similar to Asseylum's locket. It is implied that Inaho values it, as he keeps it attached to his comm link and looks at it during times of doubt. One promise he wanted to make for his sister was to make rolled omelets as a way to remind her of the parents he never known.

Koichiro Marito

Warrant Officer Kaizuka works with Lt. Marito at Shinawara High School as instructors during Kataphrakt piloting lessons. She deploys in her platoon with Marito and spot the Martian Kataphrakt Nilokeras attacking a civilian and are ordered to attack; realizing that the superior Martian Kataphrakt is impervious to damage, Marito orders her to rescue the civilian much to the squad leaders anger at Marito giving orders. Yuki saves the civilian, but the squad is brutally slaughtered in minutes leaving her and Marito. Marito orders Yuki to run, and Marito attacks the Nilokeras head on with his knife and sidearm, only to be cut in half soon after leaving Yuki to assume he had died. However she realizes he is in fact alive, as he rescues her during the escape with the civilians and she smiles to see her friend survived.

Soma Yagarai

Dr. Yagarai built an exoskeleton for her broken arm.