Wolf Areash (ウォルフ・アリアーシュ U~orufu Ariāshu?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. He is the father of Rayet Areash.


Wolf was one of the Martians that were left on Earth during the First Earth-Mars War. With the promise of being knighted, he and his group attempted to assassinate Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia during her goodwill visit to Earth under orders from the Orbital Knights. While waiting to be picked up from Earth, Sir Trillram massacred them using his Nilokeras as he tied up loose ends, leaving Wolf's daughter, Rayet, as an orphan. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")



  • Wolf and his daughter, Rayet are named after Wolf-Rayet Stars. Wolf being the surname of French astronomer Charles Wolf, one of the discoverers.
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