Wind, Snow and Stars (ノヴォスタリスクの攻防 Novosutarisuku no Kōbō?, Battle of Novosterisk) is the eleventh episode of ALDNOAH.ZERO, it first aired in Japan on September 13, 2014.


Count Saazbaum's Landing Castle descends down to Earth and begins an assault on the United Earth HQ. The Deucalion is under direct attack from Martian forces and Princess Asseylum must make her way to the ship. [1]


Act One

Inaho enters the Deucalion's Aldnoah drive room, Eddelrittuo and Princess Asseylum follow him. The Princess is very grateful for Inaho saving her life again. Still, Inaho simply says it's because they are in a war. She has lost track of how many times he has saved her. The Princess rhetorically asks Inaho if he is a kind person, which mildly frustrates Eddelrittuo, and wonders if they will still be friends after the war is over, Inaho says yes.

Afterward, Princess Asseylum broadcasts a speech all over the base, a call to end all hostilities and the truth of who assassinated her; the Orbital Knights. Count Saazbaum observes this broadcast from his own Landing Castle. Count Saazbaum takes Slaine to see Count Cruhteo's Kataphrakt, the Tharsis, whom Saazbaum considered unworthy of piloting. Count Saazbaum says Princess Asseylum's location has been pinpointed via laser transmission to the Moon base and that the Moon base is under the control of those who feel as he does and thus the transmission to call for a cease-fire would not be heard of on Mars.

The final battle is about to take place. Count Saazbaum suddenly shoots the handcuffs off of Slaine's hands, stating that the debt to Slaine's father has been paid and offers Slaine the choice to join his own forces or flee to Earth. Castle Saazbaum descends upon United Earth HQ, against the wishes of the Princess.

The missile turrets and launchers from under the ice are futile against the Landing Caste, which destroys all the missile launchers defending the base. The bedrock has been perforated, and the warheads are descending towards the base complex.

Count Saazbaum launches from the Landing Castle in his Dioscuria. The Shire and Falabella platoons are sent to engage the Dioscuria with KG-7 Areions, but they fail to shoot it. Rayet notices the battle in her prison cell, and one of her walls is destroyed.

The Martian soldiers have received orders to search for Princess Asseylyum and terminate on sight. Eddelrittuo gets upset as she sees a UE soldier crushed by rubble surrounding them. She suggests that she and Princess Asseylum to relocate.

Princess Asseylum is confused. Despite revealing her assassinations as a lie, people still fight and realize that war is there motive all along. She wonders what she can do now.

XO Mizusaki reports that munitions loading is 70% complete. The Captain believes it'll be hard to hold negotiations if the government collapses, but Lt. Marito believes that the Martians have no intention of negotiating. They simply invade a territory with overwhelming force and lay claim to it as their own. Kisaki, at the communications console on the bridge, cannot get through to the Princess.

All Kataphrakt pilots are ordered by XO Mizusaki to move out at a moment's notice. Mustang leader, Warrant Officer Kaizuka, alerts Inaho that he has a phone call from Princess Asseylum. The latter declares that she will help, too. She explains her reason to help as Landing Castles are powered by Aldnoah Drives, which can be deactivated at the command of a member of the royal family or when the person who activates it.

In this case, Count Saazbaum dies. Inaho agrees to escort Princess Asseylum to the enemy Landing Castle, but his sister hesitates. She cannot stand how he can say insane things with a perfectly straight face.

Inaho explains that now they know the Princess is unable to negotiate politically. Her presence is of no use to them. Still, she does provide them with a tactical advantage, the ability to control Aldnoah drives. Despite his sister's wishes, Inaho proceeds with their plan. Inaho holds up a piece of paper, telling him to do his best. The Princess continues to blame herself for the war. The Dioscuria flies around the base while Slaine steals another Sky Carrier and launches from Castle Saazbaum. Eddelrittuo drives the Princess through the base in an armored vehicle.

Act Two

Shigo reports that the Aldnoah drive's output is stable and is ready to lift off at the Captain's command. XO Mizusaki asks of Princess Asseylum, Kisaki says that she is currently on level 4 and will arrive momentarily. Yutaro detects a hit on Port gun turret #1. The Captain orders them to engage enemy infantry. XO Mizusaki asks to Calm what Kats they have ready; as they are all on the racks, it will take time. Slaine flies throughout the base in his Sky Carrier in search of Princess Asseylum.

Eddelrittuo drives the vehicle off the exit, and the Deucalion moves, knocking Vers soldiers off as it rotates. The Vers Imperial Forces fire rockets at Eddelrittuo's vehicle. Rayet comes to their assistance in a KG-7 and promises to cover them. The Deucalion's hull door opens, and Calm is there to get the Princess to safety. The vehicle matches the Deucalion's velocity. Eddelrittuo tells Asseylum to go without her.

Her Highness on board, the Captain orders the Deucalion to lift off and launch missiles at the main gate to escape. The Deucalion rises above the Siberian snow, and Slaine sees the ship from the island from the underground base.

Rayet tells Eddelrittuo to go back to the dock as she holds off a component of the Dioscuria. Inaho gives his strategy, carrying out Kataphrakt combat from above using decoys to avoid being hit by AA (Anti-aircraft) fire from Castle Saazbaum.

Reaching an altitude 200, 000, they turn the ship over and deploy the "scarecrows". The Mustang platoon drops from high above. As they drop, Inko gets nervous, but a squadmate Mustang 33 tells her that if she is confident, the bullets will run from her. Ironically, he is then blown in half by AA fire.

Inaho uses his orange KG-6 Sleipnir equipped with armor, to guide the rest of the platoon in. He lands on Castle Saazbaum and shoots several streams of shells at the AA guns. More Kataphrakts descend now the AA guns have been taken care of.

Princess Asseylum (call sign "Princess 1") now drops in a KG-7 under the guidance of Lt. Marito. Suddenly, the Dioscuria swoop in from below and appear in front of the bridge of the Deucalion shoots down the ship.

Back on the battlefield, Mustang 44 is shot by an artillery cannon and destroyed. Nina reports that anti-gravity devices 2 through 7 are offline on the starboard side and are losing altitude. The Captain orders all their energy into propulsion and to set course for the Landing Castle. The Mustang Platoon and Oldenburg platoon see the Deucalion plummeting towards them and move side.



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Please don’t let them hit me, please don’t let them hit me, please don’t let them hit me…

When you’re that scared, you’re more likely to get hit! Bullets are attracted to cowardice! Be confident, and the bullets will run from

Inko Amifumi receives advice from Mustang 33


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