Sir Vlad (ブラド 卿 Burado-Kyō?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. He holds the title of Knight as a member of the Orbital Knights. He pilots the Martian Kataphrakt Argyre.

Personality & Character

He is a proud Martian who thinks lowly of Terrans. However, he does not see all Terrans as pathetic, as he calls Inaho Kaizuka clever and sees him as more of a nemesis than just regular cannon fodder.


Vlad is seen standing beside the Argyre as it activates while Operation Earthfall begins, starting the Second Earth-Mars War. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

Vlad is seen fighting against a platoon of KG-7 Areions, and utterly destroying them in the streets of Tokyo. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

He arrives at an abandoned harbor temporarily being used by Inaho Kaizuka and everyone to rest and resupply. When approaching the defense perimeter he is carrying an Areion by its head as a shield. He then goes forth to destroy the Appaloosa Platoon; before he throws a Beam Katana at the bridge of an U.E. Amphibious Landing Craft, destroying it. Inaho confronts the Argyre in a KG-6 Sleipnir firing HE, then AP rounds at it while Calm Craftman gets into position to perform a pincer attack. Although it doesn't go as planned, Inaho holds off Vlad until Inko Amifumi hits the Argyres head with a crate, knocking it away. At the end, Kaoru Mizusaki arrives in the UES Wadatsumi to fire upon the Argyre, causing Vlad to retreat. (AZ: "Point of No Return")

Back at Castle Cruhteo Vlad orders that his Argyre be repaired immediately, surprising Slaine Troyard that the Argyre's head was damaged. Vlad then ask Slaine why he is there, and explains that he was punished by Count Cruhteo for speaking out of turn. Vlad looks down on Slain as a Terran for wanting to distinguish himself even though Slaine just wants to find Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia.

The Argyre is air dropped by a Sky Carrier onto the Wadatsumi to destroy them in order to redeem his honor before the war ends. He destroys the Aldaniti Platoon and the ships turrets while using the bridge as a shield before Inaho arrives in a Sleipnir with Reactive armor equipped. Inaho uses the reactive armor to inhibit the Argyre's Beam Katana from damaging his unit, and to allow him to grab onto the Argyre. After asking the bridge to tilt the ship, he drags the Argyre into the ocean. While doing so he drops his units backpack and ejects, thus when the Argyre is pulled into the water, the Beam Katana vaporize the water at high pressures causing a steam explosion that destroys the Argyre, killing Vlad. (AZ: "Phantom of the Emperor")


Inaho Kaizuka

He sees Inaho as an interesting foe, and his nemesis for defeating him in their first encounter. Afterwards he returns to fight against him in order to redeem his honor, although Inaho ends up defeating him again, which results in his death.

Slaine Troyard

He looks down upon Slaine as an impudent Terran when he thinks he's trying to distinguish himself on the battlefield. Although Slaine just wants to search for Princess Asseylum.


"This is the end" - Vlad, moments before the Argyres head is smashed by a container.

"It won't simply do for the war to end without me having a chance to redeem my honor!" - Vlad after dropping on the Amphibious Assault Ship, UES Wadatsumi for a rematch.

"You're a Terran. Impudent." - Vlad after talking with Slaine in the Kataphrakt Chamber.


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