Vers Imperial Forces (ヴアース 帝国軍 Vuasu Teikoku-gun?) are the military forces of the Vers Empire government that is to fight against Earth and its citizens from the United Earth. Following the First Earth-Mars War, the Orbital Knights were stuck in Earth orbit, unwilling to leave.


After the discovery of the Hyper Gate by Apollo 17 on the Moon, the colonization of Mars began with the discovery of Aldnoah. This allowed for Rayregalia Vers Rayvers to claim independence from Earth. Thus the creation of the Vers Empire, which claimed that the Emperor inherited the authority of Aldnoah, was formed. With tensions rising between the two, the United Earth government created a military force to potentially combat any aggression made by the Vers Empire. The military was utterly defeated in the First Earth-Mars War. However, during the Second Earth-Mars War, the military has only been able to put up an ounce of defense against the invading Martian Kataphrakts and Landing Castles. Despite this overwhelming technology gap, it doesn't appear to be a merit based military force. Basic infantrymen are fitted with more decorative than functional uniforms and body armor.

Vers Empire Military


Vers Bases


Satellite Belt


Notes & Trivia

  • All Martian pilots seen thus far (be they Orbital Knight or commoner) have not worn protective pilot suits while in battle, even when battling in space, in which the slightest amount of damage to the cockpit can (and has) expose the pilot to the vacuum of space, although this could be simple arrogance against Terrans. Additionally, their infantry combat armor is rather ineffective, as it only takes a single shot from a Glock to kill a Vers infantry.
  • The flag of the Vers Empire has 37 stars, which most likely represent the Orbital Knights' 37 Clans.
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