VERS Empire (ヴァース 帝国 Vuāsu Teikoku?) is a faction featured in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. The Vers Empire was founded on Mars by the First Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers, and is the government that rules Mars. The humans who live there are referred to as Martians.

The Vers are a nation that latches onto an archaic feudal system for ruling. Due to this, commoners are obsessed with proving themselves in battle to win social standing and attain nobility. For example, Harklight's lower class parents did everything they could to get Harklight into the prestigious Orbital Knights. For this reason, Harklight looked up to Slaine Troyard who, despite being Terran, rose from servant, to Knight, to Count. However, the nobility has been known to betray the commoners who rose through the ranks or assisted them. One example was the group of agents led by Wolf Areash, lower class Martians who were left on Earth after the First-Earth Mars War that were promised knighthood if they could assassinate the Princess Asseylum. After accomplishing their mission, however, they were massacred by Sir Trillram straight afterwards.

Administrative Regions


Orbital Knights

Orbital Knights are the military commanders who are bestowed with Aldnoah and the activation factor, for the loyalty they swear to the VERS Royal Family. Each of them commands their own Landing Castle, Knights, and Kataphrakts.

Vers Imperial Forces

Vers Imperial Forces are infantry serving under the command of the Orbital Knights.


After the discovery of the Hyper Gate by Apollo 17 on the Moon, the colonization of Mars began with the discovery of Aldnoah. This led to the creation of the Vers Empire, which claimed that the Emperor, Rayregalia Vers Rayvers, inherited the authority of Aldnoah. The people of VERS state that they have become a new race distinct from Old Humanity.

Eventually, the first emperor stepped down, allowing his son Gilzeria to ascend to the throne. To combat rising social tension caused by a lack of resources, Gilzeria directed anger towards Earth, saying that its people were greedy and unwilling to share. This eventually lead to Operation Earthfall, intended for Vers to conquer earth. In the battle, Heaven's gate and most of the moon were destroyed and Ver's plans of conquest were put on hold. Gilzeria was killed in battle on the moon, and his father Rayregalia was forced to step back up and resume control of Vers.

First Earth-Mars War

Vers society was in poverty, in part the oppression of the government as well as Mars' lack of resources, which the Earth was bountiful of. It is for the latter reason, the Emperor directed aggression towards Earth. They launched Operation Earthfall. However, due to the destruction of Heaven's gate, the Martian army was unable to advance and was forced to remain in orbit.

During the war, some Martians were left on Earth.

Second Earth-Mars War

15 years after Heaven's fall, Princess Asseylum, the daughter of Gilzeria, is sent as an Ambassador to earth to renegotiate peace. However, terrorists later revealed to be agents of Vers, launch rockets at the royal convoy, apparently killing the princess. This gives the remaining Vers army trapped in orbit an excuse to attack earth again.

After the final battle, Asseylum was able to use her position as Empress to secure peace between the two sides and activates one of the Earth based Aldnoah drives.


The Aldnoah drive created by an unknown super civilization is the basis of the technology of the VERS Empire, used to power their vehicles and civilization.


The culture of the Vers empire is very threadbare. The society is ruled by an archaic feudal system, which leads to commoners desperate for battle in order to prove themselves and rise to nobility. Most Vers look down on people from Earth, thinking of themselves as a higher stage in evolution. Due to heavy reliance on Aldnoah and breaking away from earth early on, resources such as food and water are rare, leading to social tension and anger. For example, only nobility have access to meat.


Despite the technological advantage from Aldnoah, there are indications that the Vers Empire has a weak, self-sufficient economy. Typically, agriculture: due to the environmental hardship on Mars, food supplies are often deficient, especially when the population starts to increase (for example, only aristocrats have meat), this leads to the social tension of Vers. Their industry potential, however, is largely due to the advancement of Aldnoah technology, with the ability to build and manufacture buildings and machines that are vast and far better than United Earth.



  • The Vers Empire are similar to the Vagan of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Both are Empires formed by Martian Colonists who plan to reconquer their bountiful home-world, Earth, as they both believe they are entitled to its resources. However, the Vers believe they are entitled because they are a superior race and are envious of Earth's resources whereas the Vagan want vengeance because Earth abandoned them to a terminal disease caused by electromagnetic waves unique to Mars' surface.
  • Vers is also in many ways reminiscent of the Principality of Zeon, as both were an antagonist space faction that declared war on Earth. Both factions would also eventually be controlled by the main antagonist who would resort to extreme actions against fighting Earth.