The United Forces of Earth Special Forces were an elite sector of UFE units deployed on special missions.


The UFE Special Forces seem to be a very distinct group in the UFE, due to their dark colored spacesuits and more special missions compared to the regular UFE forces.


Second Earth-Mars War:

A group of commandos were deployed on a black-ops mission to assassinate princess Asseylum Vers Allusia during the attack on the Lunar Base. The reason for this assassination could definitely be because they assumed all of Lemrina's actions when she impersonated Asseylum were that of the real one. Even though this mission was supposed to be secret to the rest of the UFE, Inaho somehow figured out what was happening and, with the help of Inko, sought out on his own to make sure Asseylum survives.

The commando team, while suffering casualties on their own side, took out Martian infantry who obstructed their way to Asseylum. After arriving following Slaine Troyard's brief exchange with Inaho, they would attempt at Slaine's life, only to be taken out when he enters his Tharsis.

Eventually, one of the surviving specials caught up to Asseylum; he attempted to terminate her, only to be interrupted and then knocked out by Count Klancain, who then helped her and Eddelrittuo escape from the rest of the attacking Terran commandos.

List of Small Arms



  • They never found out Inaho secretly followed them during their mission, although they were close to doing so when they arrived to the room where Inaho had his encounter with Slaine.
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