United Forces of Earth (地球連合軍 Chikyū Rengō-gun?, abbreviated as UFE) are a faction featured in ALDNOAH.ZERO. They are the military forces of the United Earth government that defends Earth and its citizens from the Vers Empire


First Earth-Mars War

After the discovery of the Hyper Gate by Apollo 17 on the Moon, the colonization of Mars began with the discovery of Aldnoah. This allowed for Rayregalia Vers Rayvers to claim independence from Earth. Thus the Vers Empire, which claimed that the Emperor inherited the authority of Aldnoah was formed. With tensions rising between the two, the United Earth government, created a military force to potentially combat any aggression made by the Vers Empire. Despite preventing the Martians from conquering Earth Earth, suffered heavy losses in the First Earth-Mars War, as Vers was only prevented from overrunning Earth when the Hypergate exploded.

Second Earth-Mars War

When the Second Earth-Mars War began, the military was caught completely by surprise, only able to put up a scant defense against the invading Martian Kataphrakts and Landing Castles. However, as the Martians neglected to hunt down UFE forces to secure resources, the Earth Forces regrouped and counterattacked, forcing the conflict into a stalemate. 


The United Forces of Earth is a world army, pulling together the strength and funds of every member nation in order to combat the Vers Empire. When the First Earth-Mars War ended, Earth had lost most of its infrastructure due to Heaven's Fall. However, despite the fact that Earth was badly outclassed during the Second Earth-Mars War, the Earth Forces began to put up a stubborn resistance, levying talented personnel and still overwhelming manpower against the poorly trained Martians.  


Operation Luna Gate (2016)

United Earth Military Branches

United Earth Army


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