The United Earth Navy (地球連合海軍 Chikyū Rengō kaigun?) is a faction featured in ALDNOAH.ZERO. It is the naval force of the United Forces of Earth that operates across the oceans and seas with Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Cruisers, and Amphibious Assault Ships and Landing Crafts.


The United Earth Forces had been preparing for 15 years for the impending invasion by the Vers Empire that would start the Second Earth-Mars War. However, the UE Navy has found itself outmatched, much like the rest of the Earth Forces. While the Wadatsumi is laid up and the crew has transferred to the Deucalion, with the exception of one other Amphibious Assault Ship, it is unknown how much of the Navy is still active.


  • Officers
    • Admiral
    • Vice-Admiral
    • Rear Admiral
    • Commodore
    • Captain
    • Commander
    • Lieutenant Commander
    • Lieutenant
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade
    • Ensign
  • Enlisted
    • Warrant Officer
    • Senior Chief Petty Officer
    • Chief Petty Officer

List of Ships of the United Earth Navy