United Earth Aircraft Carrier (地球連合 空母 Kūbo Chikyū rengō?) is a modern Naval Carrier that has a full compliment of F-22 Raptor aircraft. It is currently unknown if it is capable of carrying United Earth Kataphrakt.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • RAM (Rolling Airframe Missiles)
They are small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missiles.


They were deployed in the first wave against the invasion of the Vers Empire during Operation Earthfall as per Earth's 15 years of preparation, one of these carriers was near New Orleans, Louisiana. Their current status is unknown.



  • The aircraft carriers depicted appear to originate from the United States—particularly the Nimitz-class of ships that are currently operated by the United States Navy. Escorting it in a Carrier Battle Group formation appear to be Arleigh-Burke class destroyers, equipped with Standard Missile systems for intercepting inbound ballistic missiles and aerial threats to the battle group, further complemented by Tomahawk cruise missiles, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles, and a 5'' gun--topped off with Phalanx CIWS defense systems.