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Trident Base (トライデント ベース Toraidento bēsu?) is a military base on an asteroid in the Satellite Belt controlled by United Earth.


Trident Base is a advance base and a stronghold that is controlled by the United Earth.

Administrative Regions

  • Satellite Belt


At some point after the First Earth-Mars War, the Trident Base began construction as a base for attack against the Moon Base.

Two years after the start of the Second Earth-Mars War, the crew of the Deucalion was ordered to move to Trident Base in preparation for an approaching battle. The station would orbit close to the Martians', Marineros Base thus UFE High Command expected a major battle between the stations until the two stations moved away from each other. As such, several units were transferred to the station, both from orbit and from the surface.

Before the base entered proximity with Marineros Base, a convoy of Martian Transports orbited close to Trident Base en route to their base, attempting a hit-and-run operation.



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