This Timeline lists the events in the ALDNOAH.ZERO universe, ordered chronologically. This timeline tries to harmonize all the events, so long as they are canon, things that happen in the story as it goes, things that have come to pass or mentioned in passing, and things that may occur. [1]

20th century


  • Apollo 11 successfully landed men on the Moon for the first time in human

    Astronaut Eugene Cernan during the 1972 Apollo 17 moon landing


    The Hypergate in 1972



  • Apollo 17 discovered the remains of an ancient Mars civilization on the lunar surface. Within it, a teleportation device based on previously unknown science principles. This provided mankind with a mean to instantaneously travel between Earth orbit and Mars. The device is later named "Hyper Gate."


  • Backed by international cooperation, detailed plans for Mars colonization were created, and the Mars Treaty was put into place. The treaty prohibited the use of military force on Mars, which was ratified by all of the U.N member nations. Soon after, the Cold War was all but resolved. The same year, the first Mars expedition group was formed and deployed, supervised by the accompanying Professor Rayregalia.
  • This timeline was written according to the standardized official history advocated by the UFE, which was taught in all UFE affiliated education institutions across the globe. While it is in the habit of UFE to burry any unfavorable informations, this entry does contain the truth, perhaps due to foolish carelessness. I advise the readers that, instead of focus on what is written, you should pay more attention to what is left out.


  • The Mars Immigration Program officially starts. With 340,000 prospected colonists relocated to Mars in phase 1 of the plan.


  • Rayregalia began inciting anti-Earth sentiments among the colonists, calling

    Rayregalia with the first settlers on Mars

    for violent armed insurrections. While the UN immediately attempted to suppress the uprising, the situation quickly escalated nonetheless.
  • Mars, being a planet with few readily usable resources and livable environments, was extremely difficult to develop. This was well understood by the Mars Immigration Program. However, they never instructed or informed the prospected colonists on how exactly and by what means, were the colonists supposed to overcome these difficulties. The colonists, who were at first idealistic about settling on the new world for humanity, had to endure and overcome extreme hazardous and inhospitable conditions which they were never prepared for nor could even have imagined. Professor Rayregalia repeatedly and desperately informed the Mars Immigration Program about the dire situations of the settlers, in hope of receiving more assistance from the home planet, all to no avail. This was a major factor that eventually led to the popular armed uprising.


  • Rayregalia was arrested with the charge of disturbing public orders. However, the rioting colonist mob quickly overran the detention center and freed Rayregalia. The Martian separatist movement became increasingly violent afterwards.


  • Rayregalia declares independence from Earth and the formation of the Vers Empire, crowning himself as Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers. This being a one-sided declaration without consent from Earth, Mars had basically closed all her ties with Earth.
  • In actuality, the Vers Empire did not choose to sever all ties with Earth. Rather, as Earth did not recognize Mars' claim of independence, any negotiation with the Vers administration was prohibited. This was the reason that caused the seemingly abrupt end of all relations between the two planets. Earth eventually did recognize this problem. Perhaps creating a proper means of dialogue with the Vers Empire was part of the reasons for the Earth governments to form the United Earth.


  • Wary of the newly formed Vers Empire. The governments of Earth, under the framework of UN, formed United Earth. The two planets then entered a period, not unlike the cold war.


  • A massive scandal broke out in which it was discovered that entities within the United Forces of Earth took bribes from arms manufacturers in exchange for defense contracts expanding the UFE's military capability against the Martians. The then popular rumor of the imminent UFE invasion of Mars was disproved in the aftermath.


  • Simultaneous terrorist attacks occurred in Atlanta, São Paulo and Mumbai, resulting in 3,267 deaths total. A pro-Martian organization claimed responsibilities in the attacks.  The anti-Mars sentiment escalated to the all-time high on Earth.


  • Rayregalia resigns his position as emperor due to illness. Rayregalia's son, Gilzeria took the throne.


First Earth-Mars War

  • Gilzeria declares all-out war with the United Earth. For the first time ever, the Martians deployed military robots called "Kataphraktos," in their assault on the UFE lunar base. However, during the battle between the UFE garrison and Vers forces, a catastrophic malfunction occurred with the Hyper Gate. Resulting the destruction of the Moon, and subsequently a planetary scale disaster on Earth, this will later be remembered as "Heavens Fall." The debris from the destroyed Moon also formed a ring surrounding Earth, known as the "Satellite Belt." Gilzeria who was directing the Vers forces on the Moon at the time was also killed in the incident. Amidst the chaos of the aftermath, the two forces decided to work toward a cease-fire.
  • During the war there were opportunities for the Vers Empire to land Orbital Knights onto Earth itself. However, no records of engagements between UFE forces and Martian Knights that took place on Earth's surface were found upon investigation. Lieutenant Koichiro Marito's report of the events on Tanegashima were swept under the table.
  • After the death of Gilzeria, Rayregalia was reinstated as Emperor.


April 2nd

21st century


  • United Earth and the Vers Empire reached a cease-fire agreement. Under the cease-fire condition, both forces were required to retreat from one another, with a de-militarized zone formed in between.


  • The Vers Empire successfully developed long distance space ships and established a conventional space fare route between Mars and the moon orbit. It is now possible for the once stranded Vers forces to return home. However, a number of the Orbital Knights declined the retreat order and remained in orbit, compromising the cease-fire agreement.
  • The development of long-distance spaceships by Vers was designed for the purpose of transportation alone and had no military capability. This was born out of necessity as the regularly scheduled supplies from Earth for the stranded Vers forces, according to parts of the cease-fire agreement, proved to be unreliable.


  • Earth suffered wide scale political instability after the "Heavens Fall" incident. Massive riots broke out around the world. The Kataphrakts belonging to the United Forces of Earth, which were developed after the war, were first utilized in urban pacification operations to quell these riots.


  • Earth finally concluded the postwar clean-up efforts. The situations stabilized rapidly soon after.


  • One decade after the war. Across the globe, various memorial ceremonies and high-level meetings took place. As both sides began slowly moving towards peace.


  • Finally feeling at peace with the Martians, populations on Earth began to take more interests about the Vers Empire and are placing high hopes for the ongoing peace negotiation.


Second Earth-Mars War
  • The war begins with the assassination attempt on Princess Asseylum's life.


  • After an unmentioned time in the future, it looks like peace is once again achieved. To strengthen the bond between the two planets, an Aldnoah Reactor is created to give Aldnoah activation power to everyone on the planet. And the Vers Empire would be the ones to export the Aldnoah power to Earth. Various scenes are shown depicting the lives of the characters after the war. It is mentioned that Slaine was killed, and that he was the one who planned Asseylum's assassination. (This is a scapegoat on Slaine). Empress Asseylum Vers Allusia, wishing for peace awakens the Reactor. Inaho is shown visiting Slaine in prison. Inaho is now wearing an eye patch over his now removed artificial left eye. Slaine asks why he saved him. Inaho answers that he did it because the Princess asked him a favor, to save Slaine. Slaine becoming emotional cries. Inaho leaves the prison with his sister Yuki driving the jeep away. Asseylum is seen talking with Klancain on a battleship, saying that her time spent with Inaho on Earth are "lovely memories


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