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Tanegashima (種子島 Tanegashima?) is an island in Japan.


First Earth-Mars War

During the First Earth-Mars War Tanegashima was targeted by an advanced scouting party consisting of Count Saazbaum and Viscountess Orlane to see what resistance Earth could offer against the Vers Empire. Orlane encountered Lieutenant Koichiro Marito and John Humeray's tank platoon, which she utterly destroys with her Martian Kataphrakt Deucalion's gravity manipulating capability. The conflict on the Moon that caused the Hyper Gate to go out of control, ultimately causes a meteor to fall on Tanegashima in due part from Heavens Fall. The meteor that came down changed the entire face of the island by making a crater, which was used to hide the remains of Viscountess Orlanes' Kataphrakt and to construct the Deucalion. (AZ: "Darkness Visible", "Before the War")

Lieutenant Marito's Tanegashima Report of the entire conflict is hushed up by the United Earth Forces to keep the truth hidden. Although the reason behind the secret was the Deucalion, it became redundant when the Aldnoah Drive couldn't be activated.

Second Earth-Mars War

Later on during the Second Earth-Mars War, the crew of the UES Wadatsumi arrive at Tanegashima in order to find a temporary safe harbor. They encounter Countess Femieanne on approach when she uses one of the Hellas's fists to attack the ship. Afterwards, Friesian Platoon is destroyed. Mustang Platoon fights against her, and during the combat a secret harbor is discovered when one of the Hellas' fists knocks into the island. The platoon leaves the ship to fight against Femieanne. With the help of Slaine Troyard in a Sky Carrier they are able to almost defeat her. Although the final blow comes from Rayet Areash in a KG-7 Areion using a sniper rifle to kill Countess Femieanne on board the Deucalion. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite", "Then and Now")


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