Sirenum (シレーン Shirēn?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour television series. It is piloted by Count Mazuurek, an Orbital Knight.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Sirenum uses 6 floating spheres to manipulate gravity.

When in use, the Sirenum stretches its arms forward and the 6 spheres start rotating around it, generating an area with strong gravitational tidal forces which tear apart anything that gets too close. It also deflects any enemy fire that gets shot at it from the sides. It is useless against attacks from above though.

The arms seem to be vital to controlling the spheres. When Inaho destroyed them from orbit, the spheres ceased to work and fell to the ground, rendering the Sirenum harmless.


  • 6x Gravity spheres.


It was used by Mazuurek and got captured by Terran forces after it lost its combat capability.

Mazuurek managed to escape his imprisonment with some inside help from Inaho and Rayet, but had to leave the wreckage of his Kataphrakt behind which is presumably still in the possession of Terran forces.


Notes & Trivia

  • The Sirenum is the only Vers Kataphrakt with an uneven number of eyes.
  • The name and ability of Sirenum may be reference to the Sirenum Scopuli, a trio of islands home to the Sirens in Greek Mythology, where they lured sailors to crash against the rocks.
  • It is also named after the Sirenum Fossae, a trough in the Memnonia quadrangle of Mars.
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