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Shinawara (新芦原市 Atarashī Awara-shi?) is a city in Japan. It is the residence of Inaho Kaizuka and his friends.


Shin-awara High School

Inaho and all of his other classmates attended the High School. Yuki Kaizuka and Koichiro Marito were two of the drill instructors at the school.

Shin-awara Ferry Terminal

The evacuation and transportation of civilians out of Shinawara took place through the Ferry Terminal.


Since the First Earth-Mars War that caused Heavens Fall, the city of Awara was damaged and has slowly been rebuilt into the city of Shinawara. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

To ensure that no one from the assassination plot on Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia's life survives, Count Saazbaum initiates a meteor bombardment that completely destroys Shinawara. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon", "Point of No Return")


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