Scandia (スカンディア Sukandia?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour television series. It is piloted by Countess Rafia, an Orbital Knight.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Kataphrakt is equipped with an Aldnoah Drive that allows for it to create Optical Camouflage that makes it invisible, leaving no shadow or heat signature.

In order to launch attacks from a distance without giving away its position, it comes equipped with explosive-tipped arrows which get fired from a crossbow-like device held in its hand.

It has four legs that make it resemble a centaur. It can dock with other kataphrakts, mounting the latter on its horse-like back and sharing invisibility within both units. As Scandia needs to carry the other kataphrakt unit on its back and support both their weights with its four legs, if one of the legs gets damaged, it may no longer be able to support the weight of the kataphrakt it carries and the two need to separate from each other.

Also, damaged portions of its armor lose their invisibility, making the Scandia more and more visible with each hit it takes.


  • Explosive Arrows

While devastating when they make contact, they are a comparatively slow, physical based projectile weapon, which made it difficult to hit fast moving enemies compared to other Vers Kataphrakts. The projectiles could also be intercepted mid-flight with standard bullets.


Scandia was deployed to defend its respective landing castle from an assault by Terran Forces. Throughout the beginning of the battle it abused its Optical Camouflage as well as the urban terrain to snipe the Terran Forces with ease. This was eventually countered by use of mass smoke grenades to blanket the area and reveal it through its disruption of the local air currents. However, before its weakness could be exploited the Terran Forces were forced to react to the arrival of Electris and Count Orga's landing castle. In the following confusion, and reduction of smoke cover, it managed to slip away and begin assaulting Dales Platoon with impunity. It then worked along with Electris and the newly arrived Ortygia to surround the remaining Terran units. When the Deucalion arrived to retrieve them, Scandia shot and destroyed the ships electrical discharge system, which made it vulnerable to an attack by Electris. Resulting in multiple ship systems being disabled and leaving the Deucalion crippled as it retreated.

During its second appearance on the battlefield it was used in a two-mech team. Electris used the Scandia as a mount, and as a result could benefit from its cloaking ability while still being able to utilize its electrical ability. The Terran Forces attempted the smoke strategy as with the first engagement, but were countered by the Electris using its powers to disperse the smoke cloud with ease. This forced Inaho Kaizuka to predict its location based on its pilots ingrained habits, which allowed a shot by Yuki to damage its left rear leg. This forced it to disengage its pairing with Electris, as it could no longer carry its weight.

Following the destruction of Electris it had no further means of countering smoke, and it met it's end under concentrated fire by Terran Forces.


Notes & Trivia

  • Scandia is a region on Mars.
  • The name and method of attack may be reference to the name given to multiple uncharted islands in the Mediterranean during the early days of Greek exploration. They were home to a number of ferocious hunter-gatherer tribes.
  • Scandia is the Latin name of Scandinavia.
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