Rayet Areash (ライエ・アリアーシュ Raie Ariāshu?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. Rayet's father, Wolf Areash is member of a group of Martian agents on Earth.

Personality & Character

Rayet seems to be a cold, apathetic and calm individual. She doesn't show many emotions, especially after the death of her father and his comrades; before being heavily emotionally scarred, she was originally a cheerful girl that loved her father. Rayet strongly desires revenge against the Martians who betrayed and killed her father and his comrades. She does not understand how Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia can get along with Terrans despite being a Martian. Rayet has also called all Martians her enemies.

Rayet is a young girl of average height and slim figure. Her brown curly hair is cut short, framing her face and her big round eyes are purple. She wears a white hoodie, zipped close with denim shorts and a pair of light brown boots.

She displays knowledge of Martian and Earth weaponry when she explains how Inaho defends himself against the Argyre. (AZ: "Phantom of the Emperor")

Skills & Abilities

Despite her age, Rayet can drive an armored personnel carrier, she also knows how to use firearms. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

Rayet is also capable of piloting the KG-7 Areion and managed to snipe the Hellas. (AZ: "The Boys of Earth", "Wind, Snow and Stars")

She claims to have learnt how to pilot a Kataphrakt from video games (inferred by Calm Craftman to be SIM-KAT-X) [1].


Rayet is so part of a group of Martians that were left on Earth during the First Earth-Mars War. With the promise of being knighted, her father, Wolf Areash and his group attempted to assassinate Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia during her goodwill visit to Earth under orders from the Orbital Knights. While waiting to be picked up from Earth, they are murdered by Sir Trillram in his Nilokeras as he ties up loose ends, leaving Rayet as an orphan. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

Sir Trillram does everything in his power to kill Rayet, whom he considers a "rat". She seeks refuge with Inaho Kaizuka, his friends and his comrades who are unaware that Rayet is a Martian. She participates in the plan to destroy the Nilokeras to avenge her father. When Princess Asseylum reveals her identity to stop Sir Trillram, only Rayet is in close enough proximity to know that she is alive and continues to keep this a secret. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon", "Point of No Return")

Rayet comes into problems when she tries to enlist, having no idea what to say when asked if she wants do her part to defend Earth from the Martians. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")

During the battle with the Hellas, Princess Asseylum starts to think that the war is her fault, Rayet agrees. Later, Rayet uses an Areion to finish off the Hellas when it gets run over by the Deucalion, saying that all Martians will pay for her father’s death. (AZ: "The Boys of Earth")

Once the Princess reveals her identity to the rest of the crew, she starts to show her grudge against her and blames her for causing the war. (AZ: "Then and Now")

She is taken into custody by Yuki Kaizuka and confined in the brig. (AZ: "Darkness Visible")

During Count Saazbaum's assault on the U.E. HQ, Rayet is in her cell. Later on, the wall to it is crushed by a damaged Areion, which she pilots to save Princess Asseylum from rockets fired at her by VERS infantry and offers to stay behind and cover them. She is later seen with Eddelrittuo when they are found by one of the Dioscuria's attachments. Rayet says that she would hold it back. (AZ: "Wind, Snow and Stars")

Later she is seen losing against the attachment as it amputates her Areion's left leg and deflects her bullets, but before it can kill her it is called to the core of the Dioscuria for help and it retreats, leaving her in a state of confusion. (AZ: "Childhood's End")


Inaho Kaizuka

They don't converse with each other much at first, having only met when she participates in his plan of stopping Trillram, not to mention both of whom are somewhat apathetic. Rayet seems to distrust Inaho at first, but her respect for him grows over time as she watches him take down the Martians. Eventually, she drives a motorboat and comes to his aid before anyone else can, which the latter gratefully accepts with a smile. (AZ: "Point of No Return")

Asseylum Vers Allusia

Although her family's reason for staying on Earth undercover was to assassinate Princess Asseylum, she has grown to be amicable towards her. This is in part because of her father's betrayal by Trillram. She works together well with Princess Asseylum when the two were ordered to distract Trillram. When she reveals herself, she keeps her secret and even tried to protect her by warning her of Martians disguised as Terrans. (AZ: "Point of No Return")



  • Rayet and her father, Wolf, are named after Wolf-Rayet Stars. Rayet being the surname of French astronomer Georges Rayet, one of the discoverers.


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