Point of no Return (追撃の騎士 Tsuigeki no Kishi?, Knight in Pursuit) is the fourth episode of ALDNOAH.ZERO, it first aired in Japan on July 26, 2014.


The Martians bombard the Earth with meteor attacks. Inaho and friends continue to travel with a Terran military squad when they are attacked by another Martian Kataphrakt.[1]


Act One

The war driven by the Orbital Knights' propaganda rages on.

On the U.E.S., Wadatsumi, Kisaki Matsuribi, and Yutaro Tsumugi guide Inko's KG-6 and Calm's KG-6 onto the top deck of the ship. Inko almost steps on her Senpai to which Calm jokes about deducting points. As if they were in a piloting lesson, Kisaki does not find that funny. Inaho gently lowers down Rayet and Asseylum using his KG-6 as the UES Wadatsumi travels across Japan.

Meanwhile, Slaine reflects on how he had just killed Trillram and learned about the treasonous conspiracy to cause war by assassinating the Princess Asseylum while several meteors enter Earth's atmosphere. Inaho and his friends notice the Vers Imperial Forces' deliberate impacts, and they made it out Shinawara in time as Captain Magbaredge states.

Slaine observes the bombardment in his repaired Sky Carrier. The pilots go inside the ship and reconcile the previous battle with the Nilokeras. Eddelrittuo is thrilled to find the Princess safe. Warrant Officer Kaizuka congratulates her brother. Inko visits Nina, who is on the bridge of the ship. Yutaro points out that Inko is his "favorite", which angers Calm.

Inko assures they will survive this, responding to her words, Lt. Marito points to a broken bridge in front of the ship. Nina panics, but Captain Magbaredge quickly orders fellow helmsman, Shigo to quick exhaust, and manages to drive the vessel straight under the bridge.

Asseylum sends her gratitude to Inaho, who properly introduces himself to her. Inaho is still unaware of her identity, she tells him her name is "Seylum". Seylum asks Inaho to show her around the ship. Warrant Officer Kaizuka gives her brother a thumbs up. With Warrant Officer Kaizuka out of the room, Rayet (who is aware of Seylum's identity already) stands idly by while Seylum reveals that she is indeed the Asseylum Vers Allusia after transforming out of her disguise (a form of optical camouflage that employs holography as she explains).

Inaho cannot believe his eyes and tells her the Princess was assassinated on the day of the parade and saw the whole thing. Eddelrittuo reminds Inaho that it was a body double and further explains that the skeptical security detail leader insisted using a double. Thus what Inaho believed to two strangers' hypothesis is now revealed to be fact.

Asseylum believes that by showing herself to her grandfather, the Emperor, that she is alive and well, the war will end immediately. So she wishes to get in touch with Vers as soon as possible, but Inaho informs her about the jamming and destruction of telecommunications bases. He offers her an alternative; to take her to a facility that can contact the Vers government.

Inaho says that he will tell Warrant Officer Kaizuka and the others about it. Still, Eddelrittuo hesitates and tells Inaho that there is a Vers spy hidden among the "Terrans" who is in league with the assassins. Her comments cause Rayet's look nervous.

On the bridge, Yuki tests out her exoskeleton arm that Dr. Yagarai put on for her. He hasn't used such therapy for a long time and tells her to refrain from doing anything crazy as it is only temporary but briefly after his warnings. She accidentally damages a part of the bridge by hitting it too hard.

Sitting with Nina, Inko and the refugees, Calm views photos of Okisuke on his phone, Nina learns of her friend's death. The reminiscing about their perverted slacker friend turns to Calm swearing revenge on the Martians, making Eddelrittuo and Seylum, who are sitting with the refugees, look nervous.

Rayet asks Inaho if he will keep Seylum's secret. Inaho believes that in an extreme situation where there's no telling when an enemy will come, human beings aren't known for remaining calm and rational. Thus, if the others found out that Seylum is a Martian, there's no telling what might happen to her.

Rayet calls Inaho a softie for showing concern for the enemy, but Inaho retorts that the enemy isn't Seylum but the people who tried to assassinate her. He firmly believes that she should deliver Seylum safely to United Earth HQ. Rayet formally introduces herself to Inaho and says she'll make no guarantees; if she thinks they are in danger, she will spill everything. Rayet says that Martians are all the enemy.

At Castle Cruhteo, Slaine informs Count Cruhteo of Sir Trillram's death. He tells Count Cruhteo that Sir Trillram was a count in the meteor bombardment instead of the truth.

Count Cruhteo feels aggression from fellow Orbital Knight Count Saazbaum for targeting his territory and rhetorically asks if they have honor. This causes Slaine to invoke memories of his killing of Sir Trillram. Count Cruhteo immediately orders Vlad to hunt down the remnant Terrans to avenge the Princess.

Slaine startles because he knows that the Princess is actually alive. He stumbles and explains that inflicting further devastation upon a previously conquered area would be wrong given the Princess's sentiments.

Count Cruhteo hits Slaine in the abdomen with his staff and says the Princess's death made their dream a reality and leaves the room. Slaine realizes that Count Cruhteo is trying to exploit the Princess's death and that the assassination conspiracy has a ringleader.

Act Two

The UES Wadatsumi arrives at port. Commander Nakabayashi salutes Captain Magbaredge and the other officers. The UES Wadatsumi is currently taking a longer, safer route because the seas are a mess due to the meteor bombardment. Under orders from XO Kaoru Mizusaki, they went ahead in Craft #1 with the Appaloosa Platoon. They are there to support Captain Magbaredge's current crew and defend the refugees until the Wadatsumi arrives. Captain Magbaredge is pleased to see the abandoned port left undamaged. Lt. Marito believes that digging in only makes the damage worse and that the best thing is to bug out. Captain Magberedge expects such an opinion from someone who lived through the war 15 years prior.

The crew waits for the Wadatsumi to arrive. The students help organize rations. According to the Inko, it's unusual for Calm to offer to help out, Calm explains that he is willing to do anything to wipe out the Martians. Commander Nakabayashi has set up a three-shift perimeter watch; the jamming is too intense to receive word from the Wadatsumi.

KG-7 Aerion pilot 33 of the Apaloosa Platoon notices a Martian Kataphrakt (Vlad's Argyre) that approaches the docks carrying a KG-7 by its head. The platoon begins firing on Argyre. Vlad powers up the Argyre's Aldnoah drive and deploys a beam Katana, the projectile weapons of the KG-7s are no match for it. Apaloosa 33 is killed by the Argyre.

The Argyre throws Katana the bridge of Commander Nakabyashi's ship and obliterates the crew, much to the shock of Captain Magbaredge's crew on their ship.

The Argyre pulls out its Katana and approaches ship the students are on. The engines have been damaged, forcing Lt. Marito and Warrant Officer Yuki to make temporary repairs...

Seylum feels she must talk to Vlad's pilot, but Eddelrittuo fears that he may be in league with the assassins. Inaho tells Seylum to stay there. He walks out, passes Inko and Calm, and says he will buy them time.

Calm volunteers too, as does Inko, however Inaho, as part of his plan, says he needs Inko "up there". Inaho and Calm get into their KG-6 Sleipnirs and face the Argyre.

HE rounds have no effect on the Argyre, so Inaho tries AP rounds. Inaho learns that the Argyre is using the Leidenfrost effect to drive the bullets off course.

Calm's KG-6 comes from behind for the pincer attack; Vlad notices and prepares to use his beam Katana. The Argyre's arm is held up by Inaho's KG-6, and a shipping container swings in, doing massive damage to the right side of the Argyre's head and its panoramic cockpit. Inko swings yet another shipping container to damage the Argyre, allowing Calm and Inaho to fire continuously at the Argyre.

In the heat of the battle, the XO Mizusaki arrives on the Wadatsumi. Just in time to fire a shell at the Argyre. She orders KG-7 Aerions to fire non-explosive AP rounds at the Argyre. Lt. Marito struggles to turn a spanner, but Warrant Officer Yuki's exoskeleton manages the task, the Turbine RPMs are now climbing according to Shigo Kakei, he ignites the engines. Inaho orders a withdrawal from the battle. Inko calls out Inaho for his recklessness. Seylum comes to thank Inaho.

Later, at Castle Cruhteo, Slaine requests that he be allowed to avenge Princess Asseylum, but as Count Cruhteo told him, he is not worthy and hits him with the cane. Slaine stands by his point and demands to go into battle.



Appearance Character
1 Saazbaum
2 Calm Craftman
3 Inaho Kaizuka
4 Inko Amifumi
5 Yutaro Tsumugi
6 Kisaki Matsuribi
7 Rayet Areash
8 Asseylum Vers Allusia
9 Eddelrittuo
10 Darzana Magbaredge
11 Koichiro Marito
12 Soma Yagarai
13 Yuki Kaizuka
14 Nina Klein
15 Shigo Kakei
16 Cruhteo
17 Nakabayashi
18 Vlad
19 Kaoru Mizusaki


Appearance Mecha
1 Landing Castle
2 Solis
3 KG-7 Areion
4 Argyre
5 Nilokeras
6 KG-6 Sleipnir
7 U.E. Amphibious Landing Craft
8 Sky Carrier
9 UES Wadatsumi


This is justice!

In response to the cowardly act of the Terrans who turned on Princess Asseylum, who came down to Earth in order to make herself a bridge of peace, we Orbital Knights must deal them a crushing blow!

The Terrans spilled blood will be our tribute to her Highness!

—Count Saazbaum’s propaganda

Warrant Officer Kaizuka: Good work out there, Nao.

Inaho: Yuki…

Warrant Officer Kaizuka: I mean it, good job. It’s due entirely to the guidance of your good-nautred, beautiful instructor, I’m sure. You did good.

Inaho: You, too.

—Warrant Officer Yuki Kaizuka congratulates Inaho Kaizuka

There is a Vers spy hidden amongst the Terrans! In league with those assassins no doubt! The spy wishes to see Her Highness dead!

Eddelrittuo startles Rayet Areash

Warrant Officer Kaizuka: I’m really glad that we have you here, Dr. Yagarai.

Dr. Yagarai I haven’t used exoskeleton therapy in a long time. Please refrain from doing anything crazy. This is only temporary.

Warrant Officer Kaizuka: It’ll do, it’ll do!

Dr. Yagarai: Just because you aren’t in pain doesn’t mean there isn’t any strain on your system. When that anesthetic wears off it’s going to be unpleasant.

Warrant Officer Kaizuka: I’ve got it, don’t worry. I’ll come in for fine-tuning later, okay?

Or maybe I should have you make a few more adjustments while you’re here…

—Warrant Officer Kaizuka tests out her exoskeletal arm

Nina: Oh, so Okisuke was…

Calm: Man, he was a moron up to the very end…

Inko: A moron and a perv and a slacker.

Calm: Poor bastard, dying and then getting chewed out like this…

Inko: He shouldn't have gotten himself killed, then

Nina: Inko…

Calm: They started a war and destroyed the Moon. Heaven’s Fall wrecked the Earth.

They’ve been up there in the Satellite belt looking down on us ever since!

I’ll make them pay! For Okojo and every other Terran who was killed!

Martian sons of bitches…

Nina Klein, Calm Craftman and Inko Amifumi reminisce about Okisuke Mikuni




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