Ortygia (オルテュギア Orute~gia?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is piloted by Count Orga, an Orbital Knight.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Kataphrakt is equipped with an Aldnoah Drive that allows for it to create clones of itself through quantum teleportation. This means that instead of being controlled by a single Kataphrakt, each one of them is a "real" Kataphrakt and is individually controlled by Orga. Which means that it does not matter if the "original one" gets destroyed, it will just keep going as long as at least one of them survives.

Its main tactic is to keep multiplying till the enemy gets overwhelmed by its sheer numbers. Units destroyed can be replicated nearly instantly, often with the newly formed clone continuing the action of its predecessor, as demonstrated when it took three 'clones' for it to land a single leaping punch on a Terran Kataphrakt. The downside is that it has no ranged attacks at all and has to give up its durability in order to be fast enough to rush enemy positions. Along with this, unlike most Kataphrakts that have been fought previously, such as the Elysium or Electris, this Kataphrakt is susceptible to bullets.

The only way to destroy it for good while this ability is active is to destroy all of them at the same time. This was achieved by Kaizuka Inaho by taking control of the weapons of all Kataphrakts on the field and shooting them all at the same time.


  • 2x Punching Gauntlets

When not in use, these are stored behind its shoulders, allowing its hands to perform more delicate tasks. When needed, they get put over the arms and are used as melee weapons.



Notes & Trivia

  • Ortygia is a small island of the city of Syracus, Sicily. The name and ability of the Kataphrakt may be a reference to Greek mythology tied to island, which state it as the birthplace of the twins Artemis and Apollo of the Greek Pantheon.
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