The Orbital Knights (火星 騎士 Kasei Kishi?, Martian Knights) are an organization under control of the Vers Empire. The Vers Empire Orbital Knights' 37 Clans, each have control over a Landing Castle which allows them to act as independent military units. The Knights compete with one another and have shown little to no interest in cooperation. Most of them are elitists who look down on the humans living on Earth.

Martian Knights

Orbital Knights


These knights have "Count/Countess" (伯爵 Hakushaku?, prefix in English, suffix in Japanese) added to their name. They are of the highest rank of aristocracy/nobility, second only to the Royal Family. Sometimes, they also referred to as "Lord" ( Kyō?) rather than "Count". (AZ2: "The Unvanquished")





The main goal of the Orbital Knights was to monitor Earth. They had sworn their loyalty to the Emperor of Vers and the Royal Family. When Dr. Rayregalia Vers Rayvers found the Aldnoah on Mars, he became the single person at the time with the activation factor. The power recognized Rayregalia, whom later became Emperor of Vers. Orbital Knights received part of this power in exchange for serving the Emperor and are the only ones that have the ability besides the Royal Family.


After the presumed assassination of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, they were once again happy to resume war with the Terrans and end them once and for all. It was revealed that Count Saazbaum and possibly other Orbital Knights were part of the plot.


Operation Earthfall (2014)



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