Okisuke Mikuni (箕国 起助 Mikuni Okisuke?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. He is one of Inaho Kaizuka's friends and classmates.


Second Earth-Mars War

Aboard the bus to Shin-awara High School he welcomes Inaho as he gets on. Where as along the way he discusses that those who don't plan to focus on school shouldn't worry about it, and that Calm Craftman got a C- on his last maneuvers test. As the bus leaves a tunnel, everyone talks about Heavens Fall and Okisuke remarks how the Martians went crazy. He's seen at the stadium covering his ears as Inko Amifumi is at the target practice field, firing a sniper-rifle while in a KG-6 Sleipnir Kataphrakt. While waiting on the bridge, he is with Inaho and the others as Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia's motorcade is going through the city. He remarks that since it's a goodwill visit, that they should welcome her at the parade. He tries to see her with binoculars, but is unable because of the limousines 200 mm thick bulletproof tinted glass. After the first missile hits, he notices that the limousine made it through, but only at first. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

As Operation Earthfall started, he volunteered to help Inko and the Student Council by keeping a lookout with binoculars, while looking for civilians in an armored transport vehicle, as they pick up people for the evacuation. After Inaho, Seylum, and Eddelrittuo are picked up, he remarks that Seylum is a "babe". After they encounter Yuki Kaizuka in a KG-7 Areion carrying Rayet Areash, she drops her off while being chased by Sir Trillram in the Martian Kataphrakt Nilokeras. Trillram caught up and attacked Yuki, which knocked her Areion onto the vehicle, which also knocked her unconscious. Okisuke tries to save her out of the cockpit by going climbing out onto the top of the vehicle. He looses his balance, and goes flying across the vehicle. Afterwards he gets up and locks himself to the tether line. When the Nilokeras hit the vehicle, causing him to fly off, Inaho grabs his hand. This proved to be futile as Trillram intentionally stomped the ground causing Inaho to lose his grip and Okisuke flew off into the Nilokeras' dimensional barrier, which kills him. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")