Novosibirsk (ノボシビルスク Noboshibirusuku?, Новосиби́рск) is a city featured in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. Located in Southwestern Siberia, it contained the headquarters of the United Forces of Earth during the Second Earth-Mars War.


United Forces of Earth Headquarters

The base appears to have been built during the Soviet era as evident by the large flag painted in the hangar. (AZ: "Before the War")


As per Operation Earthfall, the city of Novosibirsk was targeted by an Orbital Knight. Later on Count Saazbaum landed his Landing Castle 20 km from the U.E. HQ, which is in Novosibirsk, Russia. (AZ: "Darkness Visible", "Wind, Snow and Stars")

The base houses civilians that made it to safety from harms way when the Vers Empire invaded the region during the Second Earth-Mars War. The Deucalion finally arrived at the base since leaving Tanegashima. Everyone gets a well deserved break. Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia makes a speech to all of Earth and Mars telling everyone that she is well alive and points out the plot to kill her. The Orbital Knights who share the same belief as Count Saazbaum are blocking the transmission of the speech to Mars. The base comes under attack by Castle Saazbaum. It is then infiltrated, with the base being unable to put up a decent defense against Count Saazbaum in his Martian Kataphrakt Dioscuria. He destroys the Shire Platoon and Falabella Platoons. (AZ: "Wind, Snow and Stars")

The base is intact after Saazbaum is killed, but only after the raid on his Landing Castle is successful with a great number of casualties. (AZ: "Childhood's End")