New Orleans, USA

New Orleans (ニューオーリンズ New Orleans?) is a city in the United States of America.


As per Operation Earthfall, the city of New Orleans suffered tremendous damage from the landing of an Count Selkinas's Landing Castle. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

Count Selnakis issued orders to neutralize the Terrans. The missiles from his Landing Castle destroyed the Undersea cables Southern Cross, Concerto 1 along with disrupting communications to the Miami Landing Station. He destroyed Alpha Squad along with vaporizing the Commander, and the rest of Silver Squad in their KG-7 Areions. He goes on to destroy much of the city. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

Long after deployment in New Orleans, the UFE launches an attack on a Martian Knight whose Kataphrakt can fire powerful lasers, preventing UFE troops from being able to get within firing range. While UFE troops distract the Kataphrakt, Inaho uses his cybernetic eye to direct artillery fire for the Deucalion's main cannons from atop a vantage point. Since the Deucalion uses conventional artillery shells, it can arc its shots over the curvature of the Earth, protecting it from reprisal from the Kataphrakt (since lasers can only travel in straight lines). Eventually, the Deucalion manages to score a direct hit on the Kataphrakt, which causes it to explode, killing its pilot and he and the Solis are finally taken down by the UFE


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