Nakabayashi (中林 Nakabayashi?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. He is a Commander who served under Captain Darzana Magbaredge of the U.E. Amphibious Assault Ship UES Wadatsumi of the 4th Fleet Escort Force.


He was an officer in the United Earth Navy under Captain Magbaredge's command. He was first seen at the docks in Tokyo where he was sent by Kaoru Mizusaki to meet up with them in an additional U.E. Amphibious Landing Craft to help defend them until the UES Wadatsumi arrived. Nakabayashi sent Appaloosa Platoon in KG-7 Areion's to guard the perimeter, however they were attacked and brutally killed by Vlad. Nakabayashi attempted to contact them, but only hears Appaloosa-33 screaming. He calls Magbaredge's landing craft saying they will meet up at sea, however as soon as he puts the phone down he sees a bright light and his craft's bridge is impaled by the Argyre's Beam Katana, vaporizing him and his crew. (AZ: "Point of No Return")

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