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The Moon Base (月 ベース Tsuki bēsu?) is the main military base controlled by the Vers Empire. The base was once formerly led by Count Saazbaum, whom was the head of the "Royal Guard". Currently his successor, and adopted son, Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard is in-charge of managing the base and guarding the members of the Royal Family that reside within it.


Administrative Regions

  • Vers Empire
    • Moon


Second Earth-Mars War

During the final battle, the UFE would launch an assault on the Moon Base. While the Deucalion and the main force dealt with the main Vers forces, the UFE Special Forces were deployed to assassinate Asseylum, who managed to escape to Mazuurek's Orbital Castle with the help of Klancain.


  • The Moon Base has many similarities to A Baoa Qu from Mobile Suit Gundam, as both were the ultimate stronghold of the Space faction where the final battle took place.


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