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The Moon (月 Tsuki?) is a location featured in ALDNOAH.ZERO. The Earth's largest natural satellite, it was where the an advanced civilization built their Hyper Gate to Mars.


The astronauts of Apollo 17 discovered an ancient technology on the moon that once belonged to an unknown super civilization. The Hyper Gate when used, could transport one from the Moon to Mars. Humanity decided to use it when they colonized Mars.

The first Terran to make contact with and awaken Aldnoah was Dr. Rayregalia Vers Rayvers. After their independence from Earth, the ownership of the Hyper Gate ended up in the hands of the newly created Vers Empire after its formation on Mars.

During the First Earth-Mars War, as a result of fierce back and forth fighting on the Moon's surface, the Hyper Gate went out of control and a part of the moon was destroyed. The destroyed parts of the Moon were pulverized into countless boulders, some of which fell down to Earth as meteors, later to be labelled Heavens Fall. The remaining boulders now continue in their orbit making up the Satellite Belt. Heavens Fall came about because of this conflict, which dramatically changed the face of the Earth. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")


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