Count Mazuurek (マズゥールカ 伯爵 Mazuūruka-Hakushaku?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. He holds the title of Count as a member of the Orbital Knights. He pilots the Martian Kataphrakt Sirenum.

Personality & Character

Though he holds no contempt over the people of Earth, he merely wants its resources and prefers not to fight. Mazuurek has apparently become interested in Earth, as his name sounded similar to Polish folk dance, Mazurka (pol. Mazurek), which was where he came to learn more about Earth.


Count Mazuurek and his landing castle were deployed in Yemen. Count Mazuurek went out of the way to avoid destructive acts of aggression, because his priority was on seizing Earth's resources, which put him in a difficult position among the other Orbital Knights. After Count Barouhcruz and Count Marylcian discussed Count Saazbaum's death with him, he succumbed to peer pressure and decided to battle against the Earth forces deployed in his territory in his Kataphrakt that was capable of manipulating gravity waves. At first, all hope seemed to be lost for the Clydesdale Platoon but Count Mazuurek was defeated after Ensign Kaizuka sniped his Kataphrakts twice from orbit and is held at gunpoint by Lt. Marito in his KG-7 Areion. (AZ2: "Soldiers' Pay", "The Turning Wheel")

Returning to Vers, he requested an audience with Princess Asseylum (Princess Lemrina) in order to find out if she was the real one. She confirmed his suspicions when she said that Terrans are vulgar trashed and never became acquainted with one. When she said her hand maiden mingled with the Terrans, this causes Count Mazuurek to visit Eddelrittuo on the moon base where he gives the box containing Asseylum's necklace, presumably Inaho had given it to him. (AZ2: "Here to There")


Inaho Kaizuka

Mazuurek was initially suspicious towards Inaho's claim, in regards to how the current Asseylum Vers Allusia was an impostor, however he eventually came to trust his young interrogator in the end. Inaho came to learn that Mazuurek had no ill will towards the people of Earth and decided to ask for his cooperation, leading to them to plan Mazuurek's escape. Mazuurek was very intrigued with Inaho thus, before going back to his base, he asked Inaho's name after the count first introduced himself.

Rayet Areash

After learning from Rayet that Saazbaum had used her father to assassinate Asseylum Vers Allusia, and then disposed of him later, Mazuurek then began to express his negative opinions about her father which angered Rayet. Mazuurek's words had implied that he saw Wolf Areash to be very gullible, to accept such an obviously suspicious task that later made his death inevitable, and simply killing him was a good blessing when it would've gotten worse for him where it was likely he would've been further used as a scapegoat and be branded as a traitor.




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