The Martian Transport (火星の交通 Kasei no kōtsū?) is a spacecraft that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Martian Transport is a relatively large spacecraft. Like all other Vers Technology, it is likely powered by an Aldnoah Drive. Its superstructure seems to be a central shaft with five pod-shaped structures connected to it, which are used to store Stygis Fighters. It has a thruster on the back of the superstructure as its primary source of propulsion. Its front is equipped with a heat shield, which helps it survive orbital burns when performing maneuvers in high-earth orbit, though it is unknown how much damage it can take from weapons fire. It also seems to have a compartment for storing Kataphrakts.

Its capabilities as a combat vessel have not been particularly shown, but the Martians' strategy was to launch the Stygis Fighters ahead of the transports to engage enemy forces first, then engage with their own cannons. This implies that the transports are not intended for heavy engagements.


The Martian Transport is equipped with cannons along the edge of the the heat shield, which have enough firepower to destroy a KG-7 Areion in two shots. The Stygis fighters also provide additional firepower.


Count Saazbaum led a convoy of seven Transports to Marineros Base in the Satellite Belt. En route, they attempted a hit-and-run attack on Trident Base, in preparation for the battle between it and Marineros. After performing an orbital burn, the transports released 15 fighters, which moved ahead and engaged trident base. After Inaho Kaizuka engaged and destroyed several fighters, the transports opened fire on him. He was able to outmaneuver them, however, and proceeded to open fire on them. One shell was on a course to hit Saazbaum's transport, but Sir Slaine Troyard intercepted it before it could hit.

Eventually, the transports and Terran Forces were in firing range of each other, and both sides opened fire. Cannon fire from the transports destroyed at least one Terran KG-7, but neither side could do significant damage to the other. All transports are assumed to have survived, and made it to Marineros. (AZ2: "The Beautiful and Damned")


Notes & Trivia

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