Martian Missiles (火星のミサイル Kasei no misairu?) are missiles that are featured in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. The Vers Empire uses multiple types of guided missiles as armaments for their Landing Castles and the Martian Kataphrakt Dioscuria.


  • Cruise Missiles
These weapons are fired from launchers mounted on the rim of the upper body of a Landing Castle.
They are first fired during the initial Martian invasion of New Orleans, where the missiles were fired at key communications and military bases, including undersea telecommunications cables. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")
The missiles can be equipped with earth-penetrating "bunker buster" warheads, as seen when they were fired by Count Saazbaum at U. E. HQ. (AZ: "Wind, Snow and Stars")
  • Surface-to-Air Missiles
The launchers on the Landing Castles are also capable of firing surface-to-air missiles.
They were fired from Saazbaum's Landing Castle at the decoys deployed by the Deucalion prior to actual deployment of the KG-7 Areions. (AZ: "Wind, Snow and Stars")
  • Dioscuria's Missiles
The Dioscuria carries a number of missile launchers, which the combined impact of is capable of crippling the Deucalion. (AZ: "Wind, Snow and Stars")
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