Lemrina Vers Envers (レムリナ・ヴァース・エンヴァース Remurina Vāsu Envāsu?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. She is a Princess of the Vers Empire, daughter of Gilzeria, and grand-daughter of Rayregalia Vers Rayvers, and half-sister to Empress Asseylum Vers Allusia.

Personality & Character

Lemrina is a shrewd girl and is familiar of how Vers Empire's politics works. She is a good actress and manipulator, and keenly aware of her social standing and usefulness only as a tool to activate Aldnoah. She rarely shows her true nature to others. She is oftenly seen feeling jealous towards her sister, Asseylum Vers Allusia, partly because of Slaine's fondness towards Asseylum and that she is considered as her sister's replacement while Asseylum's under coma.

Skills and Abilities

Lemrina appears to be handicapped, having to maneuver in a wheelchair. She can walk in low gravity environments like a normal person, suggesting that her limbs' muscles are weak.

She has the ability to shape-shift into looking like Asseylum. She was able to pretend to be Asseylum skillfully while Asseylum undergoes a deep coma.


Lemrina is the result of an indiscretion between her father, Gilzeria and an unnamed woman. Even though she also holds the Aldnoah activation factor due to her lineage, knowledge of her existence is limited, even at the moonbase. (AZ2: "Soldiers' Pay", "The Turning Wheel")


Slaine Troyard

Slaine taught her about earth, including his misconceptions of the sky (which contributes to Inaho's realization that she is pretending to be Princess Asseylum). She presumably has some romantic interest towards Slaine, although it is unclear whether the feelings are genuine or a false front. She at least holds admiration for him as a Terran who rose up in rank and power among the Versian feudal society and helps him realize his goals by announcing their marriage under the disguise of Asseylum Vers Allusia. (AZ2: "The Rose and the Ring")


Eddelrittuo is her handmaiden.

Asseylum Vers Allusia

Lemrina harbours some bitterness and jealousy towards her sister's role as crown princess. However, she still admires Asseylum and refrained from killing her. (AZ2: "The Rose and the Ring")

Lemrina retained some sisterly love and even genuinely shed tears for Asseylum in private after Slaine lied that her health condition had deteriorated. (AZ2: "Here to There")

The relationship is largely one-sided, as Asseylum does not know of Lemrina's existence.

Upon discovering that Asseylum is alive, Lemrina appears disguised as Asseylum and attempts draws a handgun, attempting to shoot her, however she later explains the situation to her sister and works with Asseylum in her (unsuccessful) attempt to bring Slaine under her control by ironically having Asseylum disguise as Lemrina herself. (AZ2: "The Fortune's Fool")




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