Kaoru Mizusaki (不見咲 カオル Mizusaki Kaoru?) is one of the supporting characters of the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. A soldier with the United Forces of Earth. She serves as Darzana's aide. A member of the UES Wadatsumi of the 4th Fleet Escort Force.

Personality & Character

Kaoru appears to be a practical and capable individual. Little is known about her personal life, except for the fact that she seems to be friendlier with Darzana Magbaredge than a CO and subordinate usually would be. She also appears to have difficulty entering romantic relationships, something Magbaredge occasionally teases her about.



Darzana Magbaredge

Darzana is her CO (Commanding Officer), however, the two of them seem to have a closer relationship than CO and subordinate, as seen by Magbaredge's frequently teasing Mizusaki about her inability to get a date.



  • Her blood type is B according to Inaho's cybernetic eye when he looks at her in Toll for the Brave.
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