The Areion (アレイオン Areion?) is a cutting-edge Kataphrakt featured in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It was used and mass-produced by the United Forces of Earth.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The current generation Kataphrakts were developed by the U.E. in the face of the Martian threat. The standard machine has limited hovering capability.

The KG-6 Sleipnir was the predecessor to the Areion, but now is relegated to being a training unit. The Areion boasts heavier armor than the Sleipnir, along with a larger power plant keeping the power to weight ratio the same while adding additional survivability.  

Although it is Earth's most sophisticated weapon it, along with practically everything else used by Earth, is woefully outclassed by Martian Kataphrakts of the Vers Empire.

Special Equipment and Features

  • Stabilizers
A set of wings and small thrusters attached to the legs that allow the Areion limit hovering ability, when active both open up into an "X" shaped array of wings with two wings on the either side of the legs. They can also be used as a shield, but the destruction of the stabilizers impairs the Areion's ability to fly and possibly its ability to walk and run as well.


Ground Force Load-out

  • 75 mm Cannon w/Grenade Launcher
A bullpup auto-cannon that serves as the Areion's main armament. It's capable of firing High Explosive (HE) or Armor-piercing (AP) rounds depending on the situation. It comes with the optional grenade launcher, mounted in front of the trigger and below the 75mm cannon.
  • Pistol
A pistol is stored on the waist of the Areion and acts as its secondary CQC weapon of choice. Caliber unknown.
  • Knife
A short tantō knife is stored in the backpack of the Sleipnir and acts as its main CQC weapon of choice. It is produced by "Clibanarius Defence Alternatives", a defense contractor for the United Forces of Earth.
  • Grappling hook
A grappling hook is stored in the wrist similar to the Sleipnir. And is capable of holding the weight of the Kataphrakt.

Space Load-out

  • Recoil-less Cannon
In space battles, Areions are equipped with high-caliber long-barrelled recoil-less cannons, which direct the back blast of rounds out the back of the weapon when fired. This served to keep the craft stationary, even when drifting in the middle of space. In battle they were capable of firing high-explosive rounds.
  • Grappling Hooks
An Areion can be equipped with grappling hoops, allowing them to maneuver in the Satellite Belt.


The KG-7's were first known to have been deployed by the UFE against the Vers Empire's Operation Earthfall. They have been preparing for it for 15 years. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

Despite the long preparation, the KG-7 proved outclassed against their Martian counterparts. Significant numbers of KG-7s were destroyed within the first minutes of conflict. Their ability to be mass-produced was all that kept the UFE fighting during the war. Despite their obvious obsolescence, they remained the UFE's workhorse for the rest of the war.



  • The KG-7 Areion appears to be named after Arion from Greek Mythology.
  • The wings on the back of the KG-7 Areion seem to be a simplified version of the wings on the KG-6 Sleipnir.
  • The wing stabilizers on the upper leg bear a vague similarity to the Jump Units employed by the human Tactical Surface Fighters in the Muv Luv Unlimited and Alternative timelines. Both are mounted in the same general location, and both play a role is three-dimensional mobility of their parent machines. Like the TSFs, the Terran Kataphrakts suffer from a high casualty rate in battle.