John Humeray (ジョン・ヒュームレイ John Hyūmurei?) is one of the supporting characters in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series.

Personality & Character

He seems to have loved his younger sister Darzana Magbaredge and have doted on her as an older brother.


He was in a Mitsubishi Type 90 Main Battle Tank with Lieutenant Koichiro Marito during the initial assault on Tanegashima by Viscountess Orlane and Count Sazzbaum during the First Earth-Mars War just before Heavens Fall. His tank was lifted off the ground and dropped back down due to the Kataphrakt Deucalion gravity manipulating capabilities. Afterwards a fire starts inside of it, but meanwhile Humeray is trapped because his leg is caught. He begs Marito to help free him, but a stunned and shocked Marito only sits there until the burning Humeray asks him to shoot him and put him out of his misery. Marito shoots him before escaping the tank, which then explodes. (AZ: "Darkness Visible")


Darzana Magbaredge

She is his younger sister who later becomes a comrade and close friend of Marito. She misses him and has slowly been trying to forgive Marito. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")

Koichiro Marito

He and Humeray were best friends and comrades in arms. After his death, Marito slowly developed PTSD, and has been trying to overcome what happened.



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