Inko Amifumi (網文 韻子 Amifumi Inko?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. She initially piloted a KG-6 Sleipnir; deep into the Second Earth-Mars War, she piloted a KG-7 Areion.

Personality & Character

Inko is an agreeable and cheerful girl, but also sharp enough to be at the top of her school year and work as a member of the student council at the same time (until she lost that title to Inaho).[1][2] She is kind and caring, trusting both her friends and their abilities. As a member of the student council, she was happy to badger her friends into helping out with activities such as directing traffic for Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia's visit. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

She also helped the United Forces of Earth to find and evacuate civilians during Operation Earthfall. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

Skills and Abilities

Inko Amifumi was noted to be second in the school year only to Inaho, and had ranked first at one point in the past. Since military training was a part of their curriculum, it's clear that Inko's capable of utilizing a Kataphrakt with proficiency because of her class ranking. Her precise aim was seen when she used a sniper rifle to take down an enemy bridge.(AZ: "The Children's Echelon")


Inko's family ran a restaurant serving pre-made meals during her childhood. This is how she met Inaho, as he and Yuki would often go there to eat. Inko's family kept the Kaizuka siblings from starving.

Second Earth-Mars War

Operation Earthfall

On their bus to Shin-awara High School, Inko and Nina read about the Solar System's history. Inko's friend, Inaho got on the bus and wished his friends good morning. After the bus entered a tunnel, Inko turned over to the boys sitting at the back of the bus who were discussing their grades, and told them that she had been taking notes on every little thing and that she would take back her crown as top student of the class. Inko was psyched to take down Inaho, according to Nina. Exiting the tunnel and discussing the Heaven's Fall event that the Martians unleashed on Earth, Inko rubbed Nina's head and reassured them that the Earth had a cooperative policy with Mars and a goodwill ambassador would be coming, Princess Asseylum. Later at the school, Inko participated in a KG-6 Sleipnir piloting lesson. Inaho, Okisuke and Calm arrived to watch the Princess visit from the bridge above the road, Inko suddenly arrived to see the parade, she was busy with Student Council business. She was helping to direct traffic at the request of the security detail. As she tried to get the others to help out like she did, Inaho saw the reflection of a missile and calmly told her and his other friends to get out of there immediately. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

After Operation Earthfall commenced, Inko, doing her duty as a member of the student council, helped to find anyone who hadn’t evacuated in large armored transport. Calm and Okisuke, chatting while looking out binoculars, also helped out because Calm couldn’t say no when he was asked by her. While chatting about being drafted with Okisuke, Calm spotted a family at 10 o’clock and alerted Inko and Okisuke profanely complained about the Martians. When Inaho met a disguised Princess Asseylum and Eddelrittuo, unaware of the former's identity, he texted Inko their location so she could bring the transport. Later, Inko picked up Dr. Yagarai, who offered his gratitude as he was rescued just as his car ran out of gas. She had also picked up Inaho, Asseylum and Eddelrittuo as intended. Inko was irritated when Inaho agreed with Okisuke that the girls they had picked up were attractive. The transport braked suddenly as they nearly hit a KG-7 Aerion. Yuki was in the cockpit and asserted that the evacuation in the location they were in is supposed to be finished. Inko recognized Yuki’s voice. When Sir Trillram's Nilokeras was winning its battle against Yuki's platoon, the driver of the transport was killed so Inko decided to take the wheel and drive away from the Nilokeras with Yuki's KG-7 at the back of the transport. Once they picked up speed, Inaho told her to slam on the brakes. She did and was then told to accelerate immediately. Okisuke climbed outside onto the roof of the transport to save Yuki. He was thrown off but Inaho quickly grabbed his hand. Trillram noticed and stepped forward more and Okisuke was disintegrated by the Nilokeras’s destructive barrier. The transport escaped the wrath of the Nilokeras as Inko drove into a tunnel. Sometime later, Inko hit the brakes and Calm stepped outside to check on Okisuke and Yuki, and discovered that they had sadly lost their classmate. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

After Inko drove the transport to arrive the school, she, Inaho, and Calm pulled up the door to the Kataphrakt hangar there. In the hangar, Inaho showed Yuki the data he collected about the Martian Kataphrakt on his phone. They knew that it absorbed bullets and other objects too, for example; Inko helped Calm to launch a flying drone from a tunnel but the Nilokeras also absorbed it. Inko's other contribution was mentioning to Inaho that there was no echo. Together with Calm's input, Inaho could make the conclusion that not only did the Nilokeras absorb kinetic energy but also radio waves and lasers. After Inaho inferred that Trillram could not see out the Nilokeras without external cameras, Calm, who was checking batteries at the time discussed the upcoming mission with Inko and Inaho. She, Calm and Inaho were to pilot the Kataphrakts but required two more people for the decoy truck. Suddenly, Princess Asseylum (still in her disguise) appeared and volunteered for the task, Eddelrittuo hesitated. Inko hit Calm for his two snide comments. During cold and dark night, Inaho checked up a KG-6 while talking to Inko, who couldn't sleep as the student council office was so cold, Inaho explained that the heat was turned off to minimize any signs of human habitation, despite that, Inko told him that Calm was sleeping like a baby. Inaho hoped that Calm did not catch a cold to which Inaho laughed as he worried about catching a cold when they could've die tomorrow. Inaho said that he was not fearless as he believed that they were all going to be rescued, he couldn’t bear to just sit around doing nothing. He assumed that Calm felt the same way. Inko wished Inaho to not catch a cold, Inaho wished the same back. The next morning, as part of the plan, Inko and Calm piloted two KG-6 Sleipnirs following a truck driven by Rayet, carrying Inaho in his KG-6 Sleipnir. Trillram’s cameras instantly spotted the truck. Inko struggled to pilot on the narrow road, constantly stepping on cars to which Calm joked about her skills in piloting class. When the operation commenced, the KG-6 units, including Inko's, fired rockets at the cameras, much to the shock of Trillram. Inko was delighted to see that Inaho's plan worked. After Asseylum revealed her identity to Rayet and Trillram, Inko fired shots at the Nilokeras but they were still being absorbed. Inko lowered her aim and fired rapidly at the suspension bridge the Nilokeras and truck were on, the Nilokeras fell into the water. This allowed Calm to activate the flying drone, so Inaho could know where water wasn't being absorbed. Inaho’s used his KG-6 Sleipnir’s knife to stab the Nilokeras in one of its weak spots and avenged their friend, Okisuke Mikuni, while explaining to Trillram how he managed to defeat a supposedly invincible barrier. Inko, her friends, and the UFE officers celebrated their victory. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

On the UES Wadatsumi, Kisaki Matsuribi and Yutaro Tsumugi guided Inko’s KG-6 and Calm’s KG-6 onto the top deck of the ship. Inko almost stepped on her Senpai to which Calm joked about deducting points as if they were in a piloting lesson, Kisaki did not find that funny. Sometime later, Inko visited Nina who was on the bridge of the ship. Yutaro pointed out that Inko was his “favorite” which angered Calm. Inko assured the crew that they would survive, responding to her words, Lt. Marito pointed to a broken bridge in front of the ship. Later, Inko was sitting with Nina and the refugees and Calm viewed photos of Okisuke on his phone and Nina learned of her friend’s death. The reminiscing about their perverted slacker friend turns to Calm swearing revenge on the Martians, which made Eddelrittuo and Seylum who were sitting with the refugees, look nervous. Inko then waited for the Wadatsumi to arrive as it was taking a longer, safer route because the seas were a mess due to the meteor bombardment. The students, including Inko helped organize rations and said it’s unusual for Calm to offer to help out, Calm explained that he was willing to do anything to wipe out the Martians. When, Seylum felt it was her duty to talk to Vlad, Inaho told Seylum to stay there, he walked out, passing Inko and Calm and said to them that he will buy them time. Calm volunteered too, as did Inko, however Inaho, as part of his plan, said he needed Inko “up there”. When the plan was set up, Calm’s KG-6 came in from behind for the pincer attack; Vlad noticed and prepared to use his beam Katana on the Argyre’s arm held up by Inaho’s KG-6 and a shipping container swung in, doing heavy damage to the right side of the Argyre’s head and its panoramic cockpit. Inko swung yet another shipping container to damage the Argyre allowing Calm and Inaho to fire continuously at the Argyre. In the heat of the battle, Inaho ordered a withdrawal from the battle. Inko called out Inaho for his recklessness. (AZ: "Point of No Return")

On the bridge of the UES Wadatsumi, Captain Magbaredge congratulated Inko for her efforts in stopping the enemy Kataphrakt but Inko pointed out it was Inaho who planned the operation. Captain Magbaredge inquired on what Inko meant by “operation”. Inaho and Inko were both congratulated for saving the lives of Captain Magbaredge’s crew as well as many civilians, Captain Magbarege said that if they were enlisted, she’d be tempted to put them in for commendations; medals, as XO Mizusaki explained. Delighted at the fact that they could get medals if they were to join the UFE officially, Inko said she had never seen anyone with a medal. This was because nobody had seen any real fighting for so long at the time, as Lt. Marito interjected. Lt. Marito corrected Inko calling him “Instructor Marito” as they were not in school. Inaho saluted Lt. Marito as he explained that in a war, honor is about the only reward they can hand out. Dr. Soma Yagarai suddenly appeared and asked for Lt. Marito for a medical checkup. He suspected Lt. Marito was drunk but he saw that his flask of alcohol was still full. Lt. Marito’s influence came from elsewhere and remembered the Kataphrakt he encountered at Tanegashima. Lt. Marito pulled out a dog tag with the name “John Humeray” on it. Dr. Yagarai believed that Lt. Mario’s hands were clean because he saved Humeray’s life. Suddenly, several soldiers ran past Dr. Yagarai’s office, they said the Vers had announced an armistice. Calm and Inko watched the fuzzy broadcast with the refugees. Seylum deduced that her grandfather must’ve been trying to put a stop to the knights’ outrageous behavior. Count Cruhteo was outraged that the Emperor has issued an armistice without any word to the Orbital Knights. With his plans thwarted he believed he may be able to counsel the Emperor, Slaine stands eagerly. Count Saazbaum is shown footage of the wreckage of the Nilokeras and learns that Sir Trillram was not killed in the meteor bombardment and so he issues an order to investigate Castle Cruhteo.


Inaho Kaizuka

They are childhood friends and work well in combat together, their mutual faith in one another playing a large part in this. The second ending theme indicates that they attended middle school together and were in the same class at least one year. Inko has been hinted to have feelings for Inaho, shown by how she was flustered and bothered when Inaho's sister Yuki Kaizuka hinted that Inaho had feelings for Princess Asseylum. The official character relationship diagram confirms she is secretly in love with Inaho - but because of how genuine she is, it becomes obvious to the ones around her by the way she acts.[1][2]

She was terrified of the fact he might die at the conclusion of the landing castle battle, screaming in horror upon finding him bleeding out from to a gunshot wound to the head. After dragging him back to the safety of the UFE Deucalion with Yuki, she cries loudly once the crew realizes they can't get the ship to work and, as such, having no way to get Inaho to the medical facilities he needs. Like all those around her, she is amazed and relieved when they discover Inaho has the Aldnoah activation factor. 19 months later, once he had successfully recovered from his injuries, she was reunited with Inaho and hugged him warmly to welcome him back.

Nina Klein

Nina is Inko's best friend. They have been shown to be very close to one another. This is indicated by how worried Nina was when she realized Inko and the others' names were not listed on the evacuated list. The two of them care for each other deeply.

Okisuke Mikuni

Little is known about Okisuke's relationship to Inko Amifumi. The second ending theme indicates that they attended middle school together and were in the same class at least one year. After Okisuke's death, Inko remarks that Okisuke was a 'pervert', 'slacker', and an 'idiot' with sarcasm. Despite such words, Inko cared for Okisuke and mourned his death in silence alongside Calm and Nina.

Calm Craftman

Calm and Inko have a friendly relationship to one another. They work well in combat together. They also attended the same school together: Shin-awara High School.

Yuki Kaizuka

Yuki has a playful attitude towards Inko. She commented on the Princess potentially marrying Inaho, which flustered Inko and reveals Yuki's knowledge of Inko's crush on Inaho. Overall, Yuki and Inko have a relatively good relationship.

Koichiro Marito

Marito, an alcoholic and a veteran of war against the Martians, acts as the instructor for Shin-awara High School. He has imbued his knowledge of the war to his pupils and maintains a strong relationship with his students even after war breaks out. He is concerned for the safety of all of his pupils, and Inko reciprocates this behavior for Marito's own safety.


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