Hellas (ヘラス Herasu?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is piloted by Countess Femianne, an Orbital Knight.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Hellas is equipped with an Aldnoah Drive that allows for it to make all of its rocket-propelled fists a single molecule. The Hellas is a multi-limbed Kataphrakt that has six fists named after Goetian demons (Botis, Marax, Ronove, Halphas, Raum, Vine) that can be launched as remote-controlled projectiles. Both HE and AP rounds are ineffective against the Hellas and its fists, but the blast pressure from HE rounds can still throw them off-course. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")

Special Equipment and Features

  • Molecular Armor
Each fist of the Hellas can become a single molecule when launched, making them impervious to frontal attacks. However, this armor is reverted when the hands move.
  • Flight Mode
The Hellas has the ability to transform into a flight-mode configuration when all of its fists are damaged or destroyed. This form is much more agile than the basic form, but has no weaponry.


  • 6x Rocket-propelled Fists
The Hellas can fire its fists like remote-controlled projectiles. They are surprisingly maneuverable. Due to their Molecular Armor, the fists are almost indestructible from the front, which allows them to pierce and crush even the heaviest of armors. The fists can be opened into hands to grab enemies, but this requires the removal of the Molecular Armor, leaving them vulnerable. The thrusters used for the propulsion of the fists are also unaffected by the Molecular Armor, making them vulnerable from behind. Though very hard to destroy, attacks on the fists can throw them trajectory.


During the activation of the Hellas, Countess Femieanne is seen smirking as Operation Earthfall begins, starting the Second Earth-Mars War. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

As the crew of the UES Wadatsumi arrives at Tanegashima in order to find a temporary safe harbor, they encounter Femieanne on approach when she uses one of the Hellas' fists to attack the ship. Afterwards the Friesian Platoon is destroyed. Mustang Platoon consisting of Inaho Kaizuka in a KG-6 Sleipnir with his sister Yuki Kaizuka and his friend Inko Amifumi in KG-7 Areions fight against her. They stop the fists from reaching the ship by firing at them, and hereby deflecting them off their trajectory. During a desperate counterattack to stop a fist from reaching the ship, Slaine Troyard arrives in a Sky Carrier to fire at it just in time. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")

While the battle continues, a secret harbor is discovered when one of the Hellas' fists knocks into the island. The platoon leaves the ship to fight against Femieanne. After everyone helps destroy all six fists, Femieanne loses her concentration. The Hellas then transforms into a flight-mode configuration in order to go after Inaho and Slaine. She is then attacked by four missiles launched by the emerging Deucalion, which then crushes her. Afterwards, Rayet Areash, who uses a sniper rifle aboard the ship, fires at her, which results in Femieanne's death and the destruction of the Hellas. (AZ: "The Boys of Earth")


Notes & Trivia

  • The "Hellas" is named after Hellas Planitia, a plain located within the huge, roughly circular impact basin Hellas located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Mars.
  • It was never explained what Count Femieanne was doing on Tanegashima to begin with. For all she knew, Tanegashima was just an island that was abandoned after most of its area was wiped off the map by a falling fragment of the moon.
    • It couldn't have been a memorial service to Viscountess Orlane who died there due to Heaven's Fall because in that case, Count Saazbaum as her fiancee would have been present as well, especially considering this entire campaign of his is being done to avenge her.


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