Sir Harklight (ハークライト 卿 Hākuraito-Kyō?) is a supporting character that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour television series. He is the servant of Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard. He holds the title of Knight as a member of the Orbital Knights. He pilots the Martian Kataphrakt Herschel.

Personality & Character

Even though he is the subordinate of Slaine Troyard, a Terran younger than him, Harklight holds utmost respect for him as someone who managed to climb up the ranks of Versian society despite his unfortunate circumstances.


Harklight was born in a lower class family. His parents worked hard and used everything in their disposal so he could rise up in ranks and serve the Orbital Knights.

At most 19 months after the start of the Second Earth-Mars War, he becomes Slaine Troyard's servant and presumably aided Slaine in his plot to overthrow Saazbaum.


Slaine Troyard

Despite how many Versian born soldiers would often show typical hubris towards Slaine, regardless whatever rank he had obtained, Harklight was one of the first few that did not exhibit this trait. Harklight has shown exceptionally strong loyalty towards Slaine, to the point where Slaine would trust his servant with confidential information. This loyalty had gone to the point where, knowing that his master wishes to kill himself with the war coming to an end as an act of redemption for everything he has done, Harklight and a handful of soldiers chose to show a last stand of loyalty to Slaine. While all of them were aware that they would fruitlessly fight a losing battle, Harklight and his allies preferred to go down with Slaine's cause, knowing that all of the young lord's intentions were noble, as they went to engage the last battle of their lives with the intention of dying proudly while being steadfast to their beliefs; exceptionally moved, as the loyalists begin to display their last moments of valor, Count Barouhcruz chose to join in to show his own last moments of admiration towards Slaine. 


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