The Hadriacus (ハドリアクス Hadoriakusu?) is a spacecraft that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour television series. It is the personal transport belonging to Count Klancain.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Martian Transport is a relatively large spacecraft. Like all other Vers Technology, it is likely powered by an Aldnoah Drive. Its superstructure seems similar to that of the Martian Transport, however, it had a rotating part attached to its tail.

The Hadriacus boasts great speed and stealth capabilities when compared to a ordinary transport.



Count Klancain arrived to the Moon Base aboard the Hadriacus. (AZ2: "The Fortune's Fool")

It docked in the same hangar as the Tharsis. (AZ2: "Out of the Past")

During the United Forces of Earth assassination plot to kill Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, Count Klancain, Princess Asseylum, and Eddelrittuo all escaped aboard the Hadriacus. They ran away from the Moon Base, which prompted Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard to try and get them back by force. Though Count Mazuurek being the only trusting loyalist around, they went to his Landing Castle that had just re-entered the Satellite Belt. (AZ2: "The Unvanquished")


Notes & Trivia

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