The First Earth-Mars War was the first major conflict fought between United Earth and the Vers Empire from 1999 to the early 21st century.


Heaven's Fall

Heavens Fall-1 AZ-10

The moon became the satellite belt.

The event of Heaven's Fall happened in 1999. The Vers Empire declares war against United Earth. Due to the fierce fighting that went on, on the moon, the Hyper Gate went out of control and destroyed the moon. Countless moon boulders now continue on the moon's orbit as the Satellite Belt.  Even 15 years after the monumental event, there are still signs of the destruction caused by Heavens Fall. The Martian Knights, Orbital Knights whose path home to Mars was cut off by the destruction of the Hyper Gate took up residence in the Satellite Belt despite travel between Earth and Mars now being possible without the Hyper Gate. (AZ: "Princess of VERS")

Battle of Tanegashima

One of the first areas to be affected by the moon's destruction was Tanegashima, Japan. During the battle, the Mitsubishi Type 90 Main Battle Tanks were no match for the Vers Kataphrakts, most notably the Deucalion. During that battle, John Humeray was killed by Lieutenant Koichiro Marito. Koichiro's mission report about the event was later dismissed by officials as a fabrication. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")


The aftermath of Heaven's Fall caused many inconveniences to both Martians and Terrans, as the Hyper Gate was destroyed, travel was made impossible. This also caused Count Saazbaum to have great hatred for the Royal Family of Vers, as his fiancée Viscountess Orlane was killed by moon fragments impacting Tanegashima.

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