Electris (エレクトリス Erekutorisu?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is piloted by Count Zebrin, an Orbital Knight.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Kataphrakt is equipped with an Aldnoah Drive that allows for it to use static electricity as a weapon

Unlike most Kataphrakts in the series, this particular machine does not have a bipedal design, but rather is a "hover-tank"-type vehicle that moves by hovering just above the ground with thrusters distributed around its underside.

While using his static electricity it has to keep a higher electrical potential in order to not get hit by its own attacks, especially if it uses the large lightning strike attacks.


  • Electric field
This field gets generated from the lightning-rod like structures on top of it, powered by an huge-tension generator that is capable of generating visible current flow, despite the high impedance, on the air. The effect looks similar to the sparks generated by Tesla Coils. The static electricity field around the Electis also deflects any projectiles shot at it.
The Electis can also power up the field in order to attack enemies. It can also be used to instantly clear out a smokescreen within its vicinity.
Its main weakness is that it does not work at all on objects with the same electrical potential since electricity only flows from objects with higher electrical potential to those with lower electrical potential. This was exploited by Kaizuka Inaho who dropped from the sky and connected to it with a wire ( with a low impedance, insignificant in front of the air's, and able to sustain a decent quantity of electrical current ), giving his kataphrakt (and its ammo) the same electrical potential as the Electris, rendering its electric field ineffective against his own kataphrakt and the shots he fired at the Electris


Count Zebrin landed in Maputo,and used his Kataphrakt's electrical field to surge electricity towards the KG-7 Areion that was firing back with a pistol. (AZ: "Beyond the Horizon")

During the first attempt of the U.E. Kataphrakt platoons (Orlov, Mustang, Clydesdale and Dales) to attack Castle Rafia, the Electris, along with Castle Orga appeared to assist the Scandia in defending Countess Rafia's territory. The three Orbital Knights managed to overwhelm the U.E. Forces, completely annihilating Orlov and Dales platoon.

On the second attempt of the U.E. Forces to defeat countess Rafia, along with the two other Orbital Knights, the Electris was seen working together with the Scandia, using the latter as the former's mount. The tag-team was, at first, effective. The Electris' static charges managed to disperse the U.E. Forces' smoke screens, which was the counter to the Scandia's invisibility. However, after Inaho finished analyzing the data aboard an air-born carrier, the two Martian Knight's attack patterns was soon deciphered, allowing Inaho to predict the Scandia and Electris' location and relay it to Yuki Kaizuka, who sniped the Scandia's left rear leg. As soon as the Scandia's leg was damaged, the Electris had to dismount from the Scandia. At this exact moment, Inaho Kaizuka's Sleipnir drops off from the U.E. aircraft and manages to shoot and connect a grappling hook underneath the Electris armor. Yuki Kaizuka begins firing at the Electris, which in turn countered with its electric barrier. However, this proved to be a fatal mistake by Count Zebrin. As the Electris kept a higher potential from its surroundings in order to avoid getting struck by its own lightning, Count Zebrin unknowingly evens out the potential between his Kataphrakt and Inaho's Sleipnir, which were still tethered to each other. Inaho then proceeds to fire rounds which has gained equal electric potential with the Electris, making it unable for the Martian Kataphrakt's Electric field to deflect the rain of bullets. Realizing what's going on, Zebrin moves the Electris in order to sever the cable connecting his Kataphrakt to the Sleipnir. He then proceeds to deliver electric shocks in the direction of the falling Sleipnir. However, beause the Sleipnir has already gained equal electric potential with the Electris, it has become immune to being hit by the lightning strikes allowing Inaho to fire the finishing blow to the Electris. Count Zebrin dies from the explosion of the Electris but not before realizing that he was fighting against the rumored orange U.E. Kataphrakt. The Electris is the first to be destroyed among the three Martian Kataphrakts in this battle.


Notes & Trivia

  • The name and electrical ability appear to be a pun based on Electris, a southern region on Mars.
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