Darzana Magbaredge (ダルザナ・マグバレッジ Daruzena Magubarejji?) is one of the supporting characters of the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. She is the Captain of the Amphibious Assault Ship UES Wadatsumi of the 4th Fleet Escort Force and later, Captain of the UFE Deucalion.

Personality & Character

Magbaredge has a strong sense of duty and as a captain, she prioritizes the safety of the people on board her ship. Magbaredge is quick to act and also seems to be a fairly strict individual. Magbaredge is careful, however is not overly so. Magbaredge does not seem to have any deep prejudice against Martians.

Magbaredge is a young woman of brown hair and dark grey eyes. Her hair is cut short into a bob and styled to the left. She dons her standard uniform which includes a white shirt, black tie along with a dark blue blazer and pencil skirt, plus a pair of black kitten heels and stockings.


First Earth-Mars War

Darzana Magbaredge's actual birth name is Darzana Humeray, but when she was adopted by the Magbaredge Family, her family name was changed. This is the reason why Lieutenant Koichiro Marito never made the connection of Darzana Magbaredge to her older brother John Humeray, who had been killed at the Battle of Tanegashima. (AZ: "Steel Step Suite")

Second Earth-Mars War

She later became the Captain of the Amphibious Assault Ship UES Wadatsumi of the 4th Fleet Escort Force. (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

She and her XO, Kaoru Mizusaki team up with Shinawara High School students, Nina Klein and Yutaro Tsumugi.


John Humeray

Darzana Magbaredge is the younger sister of John Humeray, the latter being a comrade and close friend of Koichiro Marito.

Kaoru Mizusaki

Kaoru is her XO (Executive Officer). (AZ: "The Children's Echelon")

Koichiro Marito

Darzana Magbaredge hates Koichiro Marito since he killed her brother, John Humeray, during the events of Heavens Fall.



  • Her blood type is O according to Inaho's cybernetic eye when he looks at her in Toll for the Brave.