LinkGanonSlayer LinkGanonSlayer 6 September 2019

If Aldnoah.Zero was ever in SRW

Like alot of series in SRW, Aldnoah should have its mistakes rectified. 

I can think of a few right off the top of my head: Slaine and Inaho resolving their rivalry and becoming friends and Asseylum being with either Inaho or Slaine. For that, maybe we can try this, whether she ends up with Inaho or Slaine depends on the player's choice in the game. Also, if she ends up with Slaine, then Inaho goes with Inko.

Oh and if there's something else I have in mind, then there should be a part where they talk about how the Gundams won't stand a chance against Inaho in a grunt unit; that joke is supposed to be a reference to how Inaho, even in a weaker grunt unit, with strategic planning easily took out the overpowered Vers Empire Kataphrakts.

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Mnzombie Mnzombie 12 January 2015

U.E. Military vs Vers Military

Hey everybody!  So far, we've seen a lot of Mecha death matches from the Kataphrakts.  The Orbital Knights throw their weight around with their egos inflated to the max, only to get cut down to size when the trick behind their fancy Aldnoah BS gets figured out.

We've also seen a another type of combat towards the end of the first season:  Good, Old-fashioned shootouts, with soldiers from both sides running all over the place trying to capture each other's bases and kill as many enemies as possible.  However, unlike all the combat centering around Kataphrakts, the martian infantry didn't have much success without the Orbital Knights running around in their killing machines.

This brought a question to my mind:  How (without Aldnoah) do the Terr…

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TheNoraShinki TheNoraShinki 6 September 2014

Aldnoah.Zero second cour

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Ralksfju892 Ralksfju892 6 July 2014

Episode 1 Notes

Hey there, I watched the first episode earlier today and took some notes of things that could be used in this wiki, such as character names, history, locations etc.

Here are the notes:

Episode 01. Princess of Vers

Airdate July 5, 2014

Characters Introduced

1. Slaine Troyard – Born on Earth, taught Princess about Earth stuff. Gives princess a charm from Earth in the shape of a necklace that is supposed to “ward off evil spirts”, the charm used to belong to his father. He and his father were rescued by the Princess 5 years ago, 2009,

2. Count Cruhteo – Hosted Princess Asseylum for 3 months. Wanted to dissuade Princess Asseylum from doing her goodwill trip on Earth

3. Princess Asseylum Vers Alusia – Princess Royal of the Vers Empire. Princess Royal of…

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