Beyond the Horizon (地球の一番長い日 Chikyū no Ichiban Nagai Hi?, The Longest Day on Earth) is the second episode of ALDNOAH.ZERO, it first aired in Japan on July 12, 2014.


Martian forces have commenced their attack on the Earth. The Earth's forces stand united, ready to defend against the attack as cities quickly turn into war zones. Inaho and his classmates must struggle to survive as they find themselves being thrown into danger.[1]


Act One

The Vers Imperial Forces' Orbital Knights continue their massive assault on Earth; Operation Earthfall. As the UFE deploy F-22 Raptors from their aircraft carriers to destroy the Landing Castle in New Orleans, a UFE Captain broadcasts the details of the mission to his troops. Commenting that their enemy's strategy is simple and extreme.

Using the shock waves from the Landing Castle impacts to clear out the areas that both eliminate UFE forces and give the Vers Imperial Forces a beachhead.

The UFE has been prepared for this attack for the past 15 years. The plan is to combine all of their forces and surround and annihilate the enemy before they can deploy any ground troops. He dismisses the soldiers as they prepare to launch in their KG-7 Areion Kataphrakts.

The KG-7s and F-22s prepare their attack on the opened Landing Castle at New Orleans. However, Selkinas gives the order to neutralize them. Missiles fly out of the rim of the Landing Castle. The UFE cannot intercept them missiles, which hit the underground communication cables and nearby buildings. Civilians begin to panic as various networks are down. Undersea cables Southern Cross, Concerto 1 have been severed. Miami Landing Station has gone silent. The comms satellites are under attack from the Landing Castles still in orbit; thus, Comm links to U.E. H.Q. and branch offices are down.

The Alpha Leader leads his squadron of F-22s, Silver Squad, close to the Landing Castle, but most of the fighters are sliced by laser beams. Learning of this, the KG-7 Aerion units begin to mobilize and are attack at will. They spot a Martian Kataphrakt, standing on top of a bridge, and they are no match for it. After destroying a KG-7, the pilot demands the "Stupid Primitives" to bow down before the might of the gods and destroys more KG-7s.

Around the world, the UFE is shown to be no match for the Vers Imperial Forces. In Beijing at 10:34 CST, another Martian Kataphrakt uses electrical whips and grasps a KG-7. The pilot demands the KG-7 pilot swear allegiance or be annihilated and Maputo, Mozambique at 04:07 CAT, KG-7s fail to destroy a large Kataphrakt because of a protective barrier. In Tokyo at 15:26 JST, Vlad and his Argyre destroy KG-7s with no mercy at all, stabbing the cockpits of the KG-7s.

The people of Earth are in fear, whereas Count Cruhteo looks at the Operation Earthfall as mere child's play. Orbital Knight Trillram enters the bridge of Cruhteo's Landing Castle and suggests that they begin their advance of Shinawara right away. If they plant their flag at the Princess's assassination scene, it will solidify the righteousness of the Vers' cause. Cruhteo had intended to do this all along. However, the more pressing matter at hand is securing the drop site. Thus Trillram requests he be allowed to do the honor, for it is the perfect opportunity to repay Cruhteo's hospitality. Cruhteo grants Trillram's request to apprehend the area's leaders and learn the details surrounding the Princess's death.

EJP-NEWS reports that moments ago, major cities around the world came under attack by Mars' Vers Imperial Forces have. Due to a communication network disturbance of unknown origin, the extent of the damage to these cities is unclear at this time. At Shinawara Ferry Terminal, civilians preparing to evacuate and continue to listen to the report. More than enough seats are available, and the civilians are ordered to move in an orderly fashion by Shigo Kakei.

Inko Amifumi, being part of the student council, helps find anyone who hasn't evacuated in large armored transport. Calm and Okisuke, chatting while looking out binoculars, also help out because Calm couldn't say no when he was asked by Inko. Okisuke prefers helping out the student council instead of being drafted to fight, which he thinks may happen soon. But Calm assures that one is only put in reserves until they graduate high school. Calm suddenly spots a family at 10 o'clock and alerts Inko, Okisuke profanely complains about the Martians.

Inaho is at home on the phone to his sister, thinking her plan was to leave the town in her car, but she and her comrades were put on standby and thus can't leave. Yuki is worried that her brother is still at the house amidst the Vers Imperial Forces' assault. She wonders why he hasn't evacuated. Inaho assures his sister that he will do that, but she interrupts and tells him to trust his gut and make the call. Inaho tells her that he will get a lift from one of the transports patrolling the area. They both tell each other to take care and end the call.

Eating an omelet, he was making Inaho wonders the streets of Shinawara, hoping to encounter a transport. Across the street, he sees a strawberry blonde girl. Inaho follows her and sees her under a bridge with Eddelrittuo. He tells them both to flee the area as an evacuation advisory is in effect for the entire Shinawara area. As Inaho approaches, the girl grabs his right arm and apologizes for what she was about to do next. She exercises a Judo hold and pins Inaho to the floor. He remains calm. She requests to ask Inaho a couple of questions while he is in that state. The girl first asks what the evacuation advisory is. Inaho replies that Tokyo has fallen because of a Martian attack; thus, this area is also in danger. The girl says that they wish to go to the proper authorities and inform our people that they are safe. Inaho assumes they mean the embassy and presumes that given the situation, that they wouldn't be open. He mentions the assassination of Princess Asseylum the day before. The girl rapidly interrupts Inaho. She says that the Princess is alive and that she didn't take part in the parade because the Earth's unaccustomed gravity made her feel ill, so a double took her place. Inaho says a transport will be at their location soon as he texted Inko earlier. He welcomes the girl and Eddelrittuo to join him.

Slaine activates the panoramic cockpit of his Sky Carrier. He is to carry Trillram and his Kataphrakt, the Nilokeras, to Earth under Count Cruhteo's orders.

In Shinawara, Inko has picked up Dr. Yagarai, who offers his gratitude as he was rescued just as his car ran out of gas. She has also picked up Inaho and his two acquaintances. Okisuke has given Inaho his pair of binoculars to help out with the search for civilians who haven't been evacuated, Calm tells Inaho not the casually ditch his friends like that. Okisuke turns their attention to the girls they found Inaho with. Okisuke comments on the strawberry haired girl's attractiveness. When he asks Inaho's opinion, he stoically affirms, much to the anger of Inko, who can hear the boys in the front seat. The transport brakes suddenly as they nearly hit a KG-7 Aerion.

Yuki is in the cockpit. She asserts that the evacuation in the location they are in is supposed to be finished. Inko recognizes Yuki's voice. Wondering if her brother is there, she zooms the camera and confirms that Inaho is also in the transport. Because a Kataphrakt squad has been mobilized, Okisuke asks if the enemy is on their way to Shinawara. Yuki confirms his assumption that high-temperature thermal signatures are headed their way from Tokyo. He demands that they turn around as the area is a projected combat zone. But Okisuke says they have to go through to reach the ferry pier and thus Yuki simply tells them to find the safe place and hunker down while her Kataphrakt squad holds the enemy off.

Act Two

Slaine alerts Trillram that an enemy fighter formation is approaching from 1 o'clock. All of the F-22 Raptors target and fire missiles at the Sky Carrier and the Nilokeras it's carrying. However, a direct hit, there is absolutely no damage. Trillram orders Slaine to take care of the F-22s, but Slaine has no urge to pull the trigger and kill fellow humans. Trillram appears to have taken control of the Sky Carrier carrying his Nilokeras and proceeds to wipe out the fighters himself.

On the ground, a group of civilians stand on a ruined highway and observe the fighting below. Yuki alerts her squad of the current engagement in the air. There are some problems with communications as the Vers Imperial Forces are using powerful E.M. waves to disrupt the chain of command. Just as they did 15 years ago Lt. Marito explains. The platoon leader doubts Lt. Marito saw anything 15 years ago, calling him a fraud. This gives Lt. Marito to pull the trigger, but he calmly controls himself. Trillram brutally destroys the F-22s. The last pilot alive ejects his seat and deploys a parachute but is killed by Trillram's Nilokeras.

Slaine nervously witnesses such atrocities, and Trillram torments him with it. Yuki receives the news that the fighter squadron has been wiped out. Now, the enemy flying vehicle is continuing its advance towards Shinawara.

The civilians on the highway spot their ride, the Sky Carrier, as per the agreement they'll return home to their motherland of Vers and be knighted. They are, in fact, Vers agents were ordered by Trillram's clan to assassinate the Princess. The Nilokeras is disconnected from the Sky Carrier as they are above the target area. Sir Trillram lands it right in front of the agents, but light begins to shoot out of the Nilokeras, the leader of the agents says that it is the light of Aldnoah. With one sweep its arm, the Nilokeras kills the agents.

The leader's daughter, Rayet Areash, watches in fear from the other side of the highway. Trillram spots Rayet and proceeds to kill her too. The destructive barrier deployed around the Nilokeras's body disintegrates the road with every movement.

KG-7 Aerion pilot spots the Nilokeras attacking the civilian. They begin to fire on the Nilokeras by Lt. Marito tells them to a cease-fire as assisting the civilian has priority. The shells fired by the KG-7s do not work on the Nilokeras. Warrant Officer Kaizuka is commanded to secure the survivor.

The platoon leader asserts that it is his platoon and that Lt. Marito should not give orders. Although the weapons do not damage the Nilokeras, a distraction is provided so that Yuki can save the civilian.

Rayet is saved, and Lt. Marito yells at his comrades to use grenades. But the platoon leader is angered that Lt. Marito is still giving orders. He doesn't listen and continue to use totally ineffective guns. The Nilokeras destroys the KG-7s with ease, only Yuki and Lt. Marito are left in that platoon. Lt. Marito decides to run headfirst into the Nilokeras and in the head where the cameras are. His assumption fails, and his KG-7 is sliced in half. Yuki escapes carrying Rayet in the hand of her KG-7.

Yuki meets up with the transport once more and tells them to take the girl aboard. She kicks the transport away to safety. The Nilokeras pushes the KG-7 onto the transport, knocking Yuki unconscious and deploying airbags in the cockpit.

The driver steps out of the transport and dies. Inko takes the wheel and drives away from the Nilokeras with the KG-7 at the back of the transport. Once they pick up speed, Inaho tells them to slam on the brakes. She does and is then said to accelerate immediately.

Okisuke climbs outside onto the roof of the transport to save Yuki, he is thrown off, but Inaho quickly grabs his hand. Trillram notices and steps forward more and Okisuke is disintegrated by the Nilokeras's destructive barrier. The transport escapes the wrath of the Nilokeras by driving into a tunnel.

Later, Inko hits the brakes, Calm climbs outside to find Inaho and Okisuke but only sees Inaho. He asks Inaho where Okojo is while the other civilians exit the transport.

Inaho opens the cockpit of his sister's KG-7 and hears Lt. Marito on the radio. Alive somewhere, Lt. Marito informs Inaho that the Martian is following them and hasn't attacked the ferry pier yet. He commands Inaho to draw him away as best as he can, but don't be a hero and make it back in one piece. Inaho tells Calm about what he's been told and might be able to buy time for the ferry with the refugees to leave port if they act as decoys. Calm is furious, but Inaho stats that if they take the utility tunnels, they can reach the school from there. And use the trainers and live-fire training rounds in the hangar. Inaho believes they should fight that Martian Kataphrakt.



Appearance Character
1 UFE Captain
2 Saazbaum
3 Selkinas
4 Keteratesse
5 Zebrin
6 UFE Pilot
7 Vlad
8 Cruhteo
9 Trillram
10 News Reader
11 Shigo Kakei
12 Inko Amifumi
13 Calm Craftman
14 Okisuke Mikuni
15 Yuki Kaizuka
16 Inaho Kaizuka
17 Asseylum Vers Allusia
18 Eddelrittuo
19 Slaine Troyard
20 Soma Yagarai
21 Wolf Areash
22 Martian Agents
23 Rayet Areash
24 Koichiro Marito


Appearance Mecha
1 Landing Castle
2 U.E. Aircraft Carrier
3 F-22 Raptor
4 KG-7 Areion
5 Solis
6 Geryon
7 Electris
8 Argyre
9 Armoured Personnel Carrier
10 Sky Carrier
11 Nilokeras



—An F-22 Raptor pilot’s response to a horde of missiles sent from an unknown Orbital Knight's Landing Castle

Dude, seriously? Fucking Martians…

Okisuke Mikuni complaining about the Vers Imperial Forces’ actions after Calm spots a family in their transport.

Calm: Are they Russian? Northern European? Don’t see many of them in Shinawara”

Okisuke: I don’t mind one bit! Always happy to see a babe! She’s a 10! Inaho: Thanks. Inko: Boys…

Calm Craftman and Okisuke discussing the females Inaho Kaizuka boarded the transport with.

Well, Slaine?

How does it feel to watch from on high as your former countrymen die so pathetically?

Trillram after making Slaine Troyard watch him kill an F-22 pilot

Let’s fight.

Yuki and others tried, now it’s our turn.

—Inaho makes a vow to defend his planet



  • Phone-1 AZ-2
    One of the civilians were shown attempting to use their phone during the attack on communications. The phone appears to have the Windows Phone user interface, suggesting that their current technology is almost close to ours.
  • Yuki calls her brother with the nickname “Nao”.
  • When Marito and his squad mates shot at the Nilokeras' back, Trillram didn't seem to be worried at all despite the good chance that one of the shots might hit the spot that is not covered by his dimensional barrier on the right side of the Nilokeras.
  • When Yuki is tells off her brother of the phone for not evacuating, he calls her Penivia, the name of the goddess Inaho’s classmates jokingly called her in the previous episode.
  • InahoKaizuka-2 AZ-2
    After telling each-other to take care and ending the call, it is shown that Inaho was in the middle of making a rolled omelet like his sister wanted in the previous episode.


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  2. Yes he really did say Fucking Martians (ファク火星人 Fakku Kasei-jin?, Fuck Martians)
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