Appaloosa Platoon (アパルーサ プラトーン Aparūsa puratōn?) is a platoon that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is one of many Kataphrakt platoons of the United Forces of Earth.


The platoon consists of Appaloosa leader, Appaloosa-33, another pilot, and their KG-7 Areions.

The platoon is seen defending both U.E. Amphibious Landing Craft under Captain Darzana Magbaredges orders. As he is patrolling the perimeter, Appaloosa-33 reports to the leader of an approaching damaged Areion. Although he realizes too late that something is wrong, he discovers that the unit had been used as bait to lure him closer. Sir Vlad in the Martian Kataphrakt Argyre is carrying the Areion by its head, and just before he attacks the body falls off and he tosses the head towards Appaloosa-33. They fire at and approach the Argyre that is hiding behind a building, which he cuts through with his "Beam Katana". He deflects the HE rounds showing them to be ineffective as it can destroy their bullets. In a last ditch attempt to damage it they fire grenades which are destroyed. Meanwhile the Vlad begins his attack by splitting Appaloosa leader's Areion in half, the unknown member backs up trying to surrender before being brutally executed. Appaloosa-33 alone and out of ammunition can only whimper and scream as the Argyre cuts his Kataphrakt in half wiping out the platoon. (AZ: "Point of No Return")


  • The platoon is named after a horse-breed called, Appaloosa, which coincides with the mythological horse names for the United Earth Kataphrakts.
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