Aldaniti Platoon (アルダニチ プラトーン Arudanichi puratōn?) is a platoon that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is one of many Kataphrakt platoons of the United Forces of Earth.


The platoon consists of four pilots and their KG-7 Areions.

Aldaniti Platoon is deployed in their Areions to defend the UES Wadatsumi from the Martian Kataphrakt Argyre. Although warned to engage using AP rounds to combat the Argyre's Leidenfrost effect to deflect the rounds. The Argyre pierces a cannon, to then use it as a projectile against the platoon, distracting them momentarily before the Argyre impales an Areion on it's sword. Using the bridge as a shield, Sir Vlad takes the opportunity to deploy his second "Beam Katana" while the platoon tries took work out a strategy. The Vlad resumes his attack by cutting an Areions arm off then impaling it while simultaneously cutting another in half. He finishes off the platoon by cutting the last members arms off then decapitating his Areion before Inaho Kaizuka could arrive to assist. (AZ: "Phantom of the Emperor")


  • The platoon is named after a horse-breed called, Aldaniti, which coincides with the mythological horse names for the United Earth Kataphrakts.
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