Acidalia (アキダリア Akidaria?) is a Martian Kataphrakt that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO Gaiden: Twin Gemini side-story manga. It is piloted by both Viscountess Libertina and Viscountess Libitina, Orbital Knights.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

This kataphrakt can generate electromagnetic impulses which can disable any electronic devices around it, even if they are shielded against EMP. Furthermore it can fire small projectiles which take over enemy units, allowing them to be used as puppets. This is also the main reason why the Acidalia requires two pilots-one controls the Acidalia while the other controls the "puppets".

Its strongest weapon is made by transforming the kataphrakt into a stationary turret. While it is immobile while charging it, the electrical fields protect it from enemy fire. Once charging is complete, it unleashes an immense blast of energy capable of destroying a small mountain.


  • Thunder Stroke Arm
  • Soldier Javelin



Notes & Trivia

  • This Kataphrakt has by far the greatest single attack firepower of all Vers Kataphrakt till now, being capable of blowing away a small mountain in a single shot (it needs a few seconds to charge it up though).
  • It is named after the Acidalia Planitia, a plain on Mars located between the Tharsis volcanic province and Arabia Terra to the north of Valles Marineris.
  • It is also named after the mythological fountain of Acidalia.
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