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ALDNOAH.ZERO Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of ALDNOAH.ZERO.

Track Listing

# Title Notes
1 No differences
2 AZPV "AZ" stands for "ALDNOAH.ZERO", while the PV stands for "Promotional Video". The title stands for "ALDNOAH ZERO Promotional Video", which means that this song was used in the promotion video.
3 A-0picturez "A-0" can be transcribed into "ALDNOAH.ZERO"
The title also references "A-1 Pictures", the animation studio producing the anime series.
4 MKAlieZ aLIEz cover by Mika Kobayashi
5 2零14zero91零 With "零" stands as "0", it will result "2014-09-10", the release date of the soundtrack album and the ending themes single.
6 アZ-Kat With "ア" stands as "A" and "Kat" stands for "Kataphrak", the title can means "AZ-Kataphrak"
7 悲scene Translated as "Sad scene" (from 悲しい)
8 AD2014-7.5/7.9-零・A 2014 07-05 / 07-09 = ALDONAH.ZERO's air dates on Tokyo MX and ABC respectively.
9 AL℃-@ Read as "Allusia" or "Aldnoah".
10 The Call to Arms
11 十61yard Read as "Troyard".
12 FIRE★ Read as "Fire Star", which is the literal meaning of "Mars" in Japanese (火星).
13 R零B零T With "零" stands as a play for "0" and "O", the title can be read as "ROBOT".
14 SiTE-n0w1 Read as "Site update" (from ナウい).
15 al-door0 Read as "ALDNOAH.ZERO" (from アルドアーゼロ).
16 Ver$ Read as "Vers".
17 aズ-17歩 Read as "AZ-Inaho".
18 Ch19ヲFIRE★ Translated as "Reinforcements to the Earth" (地球を加勢 not 火星).
19 AcyOrt Anagram of "Troyca", the animation studio that produces the anime series.
20 BRE@TH//LESS Read as "Breathless".


  • All tracks: composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Track 1: lyrics by Benjamin Anderson and mpi, performed by Aimee Blackshleger
  • Track 4: lyrics by Hiroyuki Sawano, performed by Mika Kobayashi
  • Track 9: lyrics by Rie, performed by Cyua
  • Track 10: lyrics by Benjamin Anderson and mpi, performed by mpi
  • Track 20: lyrics by cAnON., performed by Mika Kobayashi

Music Staff

  • All music produced by Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Co-Produced & directed by Yasushi Horiguchi (Legendoor)
  • Recording, Mixing Engineer & Protools Operator by Mitsunori Aizawa (SIGN SOUND)
  • Mastering Engineer by Machiko Suzue
  • Recorded by Studio Sound Valley, Sound City Studio
  • Mixed by Studio Sound Valley
  • Mastered by Sony Music Studios Tokyo


  • Drums: Yu "Masshoi" Yamauchi
  • Bass: Toshino Tanabe
  • Guitars: Hiroshi Iimuro, Harutoshi Ito
  • Strings: Daisensei Muroya Strings
  • Horn: Otohiku Fujita, Takato Saijo, Yasushi Katsumata, Maro Abe, Jyo Kishigami, Kenji Yamauchi, Satoshi Tsukada
  • Trumpet: Shiro Sasaki
  • Vocal: Mika Kobayashi, Aimee Blackschleger, mpi, Cyua
  • Lyrics: mpi, Rie, cAnON
  • Piano, Keyboard & All Instruments: Hiroyuki Sawano


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